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Tom Clancy’s The Division



Gravity Rush Remastered


Far Cry Primal

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Far Cry Primal – Final Impressions


I originally started off high on Far Cry Primal, it felt like a good change for the series.  I’ve wanted a good caveman game for a while, so the introduction of the cavemen era, and building a village to expand your tribe all had me very interested in continuing the story.  The combat even felt somewhat different with being a Beast Master that could control an Owl to scope things out or several other animals to attack enemies from afar.  Unfortunately after the first few hours I hit a wall of repetitive side missions and little story advancement.

After a few more hours into the game I felt like the story had entirely disappeared.  I was doing a lot of side-quests and outpost take overs as I was making my way through the map to the main missions.  The main missions primarily were to go acquire certain specialists to join the Wenja Village.  One by one I got them to join the Wenja Village, but there really wasn’t much progress in the story except now the village had a Master Hunter, or Master Craftsman, that could now send me on hunting missions, or do certain tasks for them that didn’t feel much different than the side missions.  I love Far Cry and it’s basic formula but even I started to feel like this game was becoming a drag and all of that “new” stuff was starting to feel very familiar.
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Video Games That Should Die

There are some video game franchises I used to really enjoy, but nowadays I’ve gotten so uninterested in them or sick of them I’m ready for them to die off.   I understand some people may like some of these games, and some people might still have interest in them but I think with these franchises I’ve reached my end with them.   If any of these franchises re-gain my interest it’s going to have to take something very new or innovative from them, they might have to “re-invent” themselves.   Anyways here is my list of franchises I’m sick of.

Rayman Raving Rabbids – I don’t have a problem with mini-game collections, I actually enjoy a few of them.  I played own and enjoyed the first 2 Raving Rabbids games when they came out, it was a new mini-game series by the Rayman creators…I can get down with that.
But now it’s 10 years later and they’ve made 9 different Raving Rabbids games, that’s overkill.   Who the hell keeps buying or green-lighting these games?   I’ve had enough, I had enough awhile ago and I don’t think there is anything they could ever do to regain my interest. Read the rest of this entry

Far Cry Primal – Early Impressions

Let me first state that I am a pretty big fan of the Far Cry series, but I am aware that Far Cry 4 was too similar to Far Cry 3.  I am/was hoping for something different with Primal, otherwise I was afraid Far Cry was going to become a copy/paste annualized sequel similar to another Ubisoft title….Assassin’s Creed.

So far I have played a little over an hour of Far Cry Primal and I am enjoying it, I can’t wait to pick it up again and play more.   While it has a lot of the same game mechanics I’m used to from the Far Cry series, it seems to have a lot of new and different things going for it that I am very glad to see.

The biggest differences I’ve come across involve populating your village, controlling animals and obviously the lack of guns and technology.  As I wander the open world I’ve come across captured people from the same tribe that need to be rescued.   After rescuing them they become a part of my village.  My village population has grown from 2 to 8 now, but I’m unsure of the benefits I receive from an increased population.  I’m hoping to find the results pretty soon, it seems like a new element that could have a lot of potential.

I also recently learned how to control an owl, and that allows me to fly the owl over an area and tag enemies and objects, it’s similar to the goggles/binoculars used in previous Far Crys.  Now that I’ve tamed a Wolf, I will be able to Read the rest of this entry

Mortal Kombat X


LittleBIGPlanet 3




The Order: 1886



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