5 Recent PickUps on Super Nintendo

I buy games pretty much every week, they’re often a random mix that I come across in yard sales, thrift stores, game stores, new releases or random ebay purchases after I discover a new game. I have a lot of purchases over the past few months to go through, but I thought it would be fun to break them down into posts showing them off. Here are 5 Super Nintendo games I got for a total of $8, I have never played any of these before (Previous Play). I didn’t include photos of the actual game cartridges I picked up, but maybe in future posts I’ll do that.

Robocop 3

Price: Free ($10 Off Promotion)
Previous Play: No
Why I Got It: I can’t recall ever playing a Robocop game and this looked fun. The local retro game store had a promotion that gave me a $10 credit with my other purchases, so I used it on this $10 game.


Price: $2
Previous Play: No
Why I Got It: The local store had a promotion where all retro games normally priced $8 were on sale for $2. I scooped this up because I had previously sought it out to to have a bit of a SuperFX collection.

Nolan Ryan’s Baseball

Price: $2
Previous Play: No
Why I Got It: I picked this up with the same promotion as Vortex. I’m a sucker for retro sports games, especially ones that aren’t annualized, so I was happy to pick this up for $2, the store was probably happy to sell it too.

Urban Strike

Price: $2
Previous Play: No
Why I Got It: Again, same promotion allowed me to get this for $2. I’m familiar with Desert and Jungle Strike, but I have not played Urban Strike before. I’m assuming this might be the best of the $2 games.

Judge Dredd

Price: $2
Previous Play: No
Why I Got It: Again, same promotion. I’ve got a sudden interest in Acclaim action games from the 16bit era, even if they aren’t remembered too well, I’m sure it’s some cheap fun. I’m still optimistic this is a good game.

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