My Most Wanted Nintendo 64 Games

One of the downsides to being a collector is that you’re almost never satisfied because there’s always more for you to collect. My Nintendo 64 right collection right now sits at 76 games, but there’s still about 20 – 30 games I really have my eye on that I’d like to fill my collection with. Some of these games I have been wanting ever since they came out 20+ year ago, and others I’ve just recently discovered. Below are a few that are on “Most Wanted” list

Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon

Metacritic: 67%
Current Market Value: $62.06 (loose) / $283.49 (complete) (Source:

I’ve wanted this game ever since it came out in 1997, and for some reason, I’ve never played it. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it in a store. I’m familiar with the series because I have played the SNES Mystical Ninja numerous times. This game has been described as a mixture of Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time so I’m very intrigued. I understand it’s a niche title, so the reviews probably don’t represent it well. It’s from the “good” Konami days, so I’m pretty confident I will enjoy it as long as I recognize it may feel a bit dated as a N64 title. I think sooner or later I’m going to make the jump and get this, I doubt I’ll pay the price for a complete copy, but a loose copy isn’t bad.

Clay Fighter 63 1/3

Average Magazine Review Score: 48.4% (Source:
Current Market Value: $19.72 (loose) / $95.36 (complete) (Source:

It might be a little surprising I don’t put Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut (currently at $581 loose) on my Most Wanted list, but I’m targeting this one more at the moment because it’s something I can realistically pick up. It has been a very long time since I played Clay Fighter, I believe I played both on SNES and I even played this version before but I don’t remember if any of them were actually any good. Whenever I played them before, it was either a rental or at a friend’s house, I remember them being filled with 90’s humor and parody (Clayfighter 2 is called C2: Judgement Clay). Searching online and seeing this game receiving horrible reviews (IGN gave it a 3.7) is somewhat surprising to me. I’m going to assume this was being compared to classics like the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat series and new franchises like Tekken & Virtua Fighter (both had just released their 3rd game at the time). I know Clay Fighter doesn’t have the depth of those fighers, but maybe playing it 23+ years later I will appreciate it as something to play quickly or button mash with a friend. $20 for a loose copy isn’t bad at all.

Chameleon Twist

Average Magazine Review Score: 68.08% (Source:
Current Market Value: $23.25 (loose) / $116.78 (complete) (Source:

I can’t remember if I ever played this game or not, but as a fan of platformers, this had my interest back when it first came out. Over the years, I had completely forgot about the existence of this game (and it’s sequel) until recently. Now I’m even more curious to see how it plays. The price is reasonable, so I expect that I will be willing to buy it at market price if I can’t find it at a yard sale or thrift store in the near-future.

Snowboard Kids

Average Magazine Review Score: 77.56% (Source:
Current Market Value: $35.24 (loose) / $203.25 (complete) (Source:

As a kid, I used to play this all the time at my neighbors house, it was the next best thing to Mario Kart as far as I knew (I never really played Diddy Kong). I never personally owned Snowboard Kids, but a couple of years ago I did buy the sequel, and I’ve had the DS one since release. When I was looking at buying this a couple of years ago it was around $60 complete, now it has skyrocketed over $200! With those prices, I’m not going to bother with a complete purchase unless I come across it in a yard sale or some cheap lot, a loose copy, I’d be willing to pay market price and I might do that soon.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Average Magazine Review Score: 956% (Source: metacritic)
Current Market Value: $49.44 (loose) / $127.77 (complete) (Source:

I can’t believe I’m missing a Zelda game from my N64 collection. Honestly, I’ve never even played Majora’s Mask. I’ve heard great things about it, but at the time it released, I wasn’t really into gaming so I missed it. Later I got it on the collection for the GameCube, I bought the “remaster” on 3DS and the special edition on 3DS. Still, I have never played it. Since I have these other options to play it, that’s why I haven’t put up the money on purchasing this yet. As for why I haven’t played it yet…I don’t really know, maybe I should do that. I might actually spring for the complete boxed edition since it’s a Zelda game, it’s only going to get more expensive over time, but I’m still not in a rush.

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