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Nintendo Direct 9.13.17 – Speculation, Predictions & Wishful Thinking



A new Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow and it’s reportedly focusing on the Switch’s next couple of months (Holiday Season) and the 3DS.  To have a little fun with this I decided to put together a little bit of what I think Nintendo is going to be announcing, and a lot of what I think they should be announcing.  I know there’s a lot of reasons why some of this stuff won’t happen, but I don’t think any of it’s too far fetched.

The Switch launch was a huge success, and unlike most successful system launches it was not during a holiday season.  Now 6 months later, it is my opinion that Nintendo needs to essentially re-launch and re-introduce the system to everyone for the holiday season.   Show us all what has gone so well, and what Switch owners have coming in the future, that’s what I hope to see from this Nintendo Direct


Nintendo should start off by hammering in the fact that the system has been a huge sales’ success so far and that the systems are flying off the shelf worldwide.  This past July the Switch outsold the PS4 and XBox One, it has also sold over 5 million units worldwide (1.5 million in Japan alone where thousands of people line up weekly to try and get one) and over 10million in software sales.

Games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and The Legend of Zelda: BOTW have all sold over a million copies (Splatoon 2 did it in 1 week!).  But even Third Parties such as Capcom and NISA have been very happy with the success of the sales on the Switch.  Nintendo should throw out all of this information in a concise way to just reiterate the fact that the Switch is doing good and developers are happy.   There is no need to worry about purchasing a Switch, this is not another Wii U.

Third Party Support

Transitioning from applauding the success of the Switch Hardware and Software sales, this would be a great time to announce some new third party support for the Switch and some details to recently announced games.   Some of the recently announced games we know of are: Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 and L.A. Noire, but wouldn’t it be great if we found a few more surprises from third parties?

These major third parties are just testing the waters, and most have had development tools for less than a year, so to expect brand new full fledged releases would be a little unrealistic at this point in my opinion.  I expect to see some more ports/remasters to get Switch owners through the next year before the major players really commit a big AAA project to the Switch.   They’ll want to try out their reliable sellers and gauge it on that, that’s why I’m expecting some more ports, and I’m all for playing some of these great games with portable functionality…this makes the Switch version more appealing to me than others.


We know Capcom and Ubisoft have some unannounced games up their sleeves, and something like Mega Man Legacy Collection, or the Disney Afternoon Collection seems like a very easy port and cash grab to try out on the Nintendo fanbase.  Read the rest of this entry

Star Fox Zero


Concerns About Star Fox Zero


I played a demo of Star Fox Zero at Nintendo World Store during E3 week and from the opening level of Corneria that I played, things seemed pretty good.  The motion controls took a little getting used to at first, but they felt fine by the time I was about halfway through the level.  I’m also a pretty big fan of Platinum Games, so when I found out they were developing it I was pretty excited and hyped for it’s release.


Then it got delayed out of Holiday 2015 and into 2016.  My first thoughts were about the Wii U and how it wasn’t going to have the “big” title for November.  Sure there was Animal Crossing amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash but those are not near the level of a big November exclusive I expect (Smash Bros, Mario 3D World, etc).  After that initial reaction, I then started to get more concerned about the game.  Nintendo has earned my trust with delays, they’ve delayed plenty of games that turned out to be excellent in the end.  I figured Star Fox Zero was no different, the footage of Star Fox at E3 2014 and E3 2015 were a huge difference, the game hadn’t been in development for a long time so an extra 6 months will go a long way.


But then it dawned on me, maybe this isn’t something Platinum Games can handle.  Read the rest of this entry

2016 – The Year of the Playstation 4

Majority of my time gaming in 2015 was surprisingly spent on the Wii U.  Splatoon and Super Mario Maker were the two releases from 2015 that really got a lot of play time, but I played a lot of older releases too, especially in the summer.   There were a few months where I never even used my Playstation 4, it just collected dust.   Going into 2015, I would’ve never expected this.

My most anticipated PS4 game was Uncharted 4, and it had been delayed into 2016…I felt like there was no big holiday title, especially not exclusive for the Playstation 4.  In 2015 Bloodborne was a big release, but I could never get into it, I just did not like it.  Battlefield Hardline was a flop, The Order: 1886 was very fun but I was done with it entirely in 10 hours or less.  Batman Arkham Knight felt like more of the same, it wasn’t bad though but I only rented it and didn’t bother finishing.   A lot of other games did not feel like they were worth the full price and I knew they’d drop in price down the line.  I ended up picking up a few of them recently for cheap (Batman Arkham Knight, Mad Max, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Dragon Quest Heroes, Tales of Zesteria, Until Dawn).   To be fair though, there were 2 games in particular I’m sure are great, I just never made the time for them. Those games are The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V.  I played some of Witcher 3 and it does seem fantastic, I hope to play more of those in 2016.

Now 2016 is here, I have some discounted backlogged titles from 2015 and it looks like the Playstation 4 has a strong line-up of releases for the year that will keep a Dual Shock 4 in my hands through the year.  The Wii U looks to be on it’s last legs, with only a few delayed 2015 titles coming out this year.  And the XBox One still hasn’t given me a reason to spend my money on it when I already have a Playstation 4.    The following is where I think a lot of my PS4 gaming will be spent.

Leftovers From 2015:

Batman Arkham Knight – I played through about half of this in the summer on a free rental but found myself bored before I could finish it.  I was able to recently purchase it for $15 new, I’m hoping to pick it back up and finish it this time.

Just Cause 3 – I’m currently about halfway through the 2nd Act, when I wrap up the story mode I’ll gauge how much time I want to spend pursuing side missions and trophies.  As of now I think I will re-sell this game shortly after I complete it.


Mad Max – I recently bought this for $15, I’ve never played it before so I’m excited to check this out.  I’m hoping it’s a good game, it didn’t grab my interest enough to spend full price on it, now that it’s cheap it’s become something to play in 2016. Read the rest of this entry

Transformers: Devastation

What I Played on PS4 in 2015


In 2015 I played a variety of games on the PS4, so I decided to write about what I played through the year (retail releases only).   I broke it down into Quarters of the year, not by release, but by when I actually got around to playing them.   My opinions don’t always line up with the popular opinion, I found some mainstream GOTY candidates to be disappointing and some less popular games as my favorites.  I thought this was worth sharing though.

Quarter 1

Dying Light – I just played Far Cry 4 before this, and probably didn’t give Dying Light a fair chance since it seemed to be pretty similar to Far Cry 4.  I have been wanting to go back and give this one another shot.  I didn’t make it very far when I did play it.

The Order: 1886 – Visually this game blew me away, I still say it is the best looking game I have ever played.  There is a lot of story and cut-scenes which make the game feel more like an interactive movie than a true video game, but that didn’t ruin my experience.  The action that was present and the controls all felt high quality.  The game was very short with little to no replay value, but I’m very excited for a sequel.

Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection – I’m a big fan of the Borderlands series and waited for this collection to play the Pre-Sequel.  I’ve made it far into the Pre-Sequel, it lacks some of the better qualities and polish of the first 2, but I have enjoyed playing co-op with my wife.  This is one of my most played PS4 games this year, especially early in the year.  Still need to get around to finishing it.

Bloodborne – I never played Dark Souls or Demon Souls, but I got into the hype of Bloodborne and bought it at release.  I played it for a few hours and tried to get into it, and I just couldn’t.   What some people say as “old school mentality” and “difficult” I saw as excuses for poor game design.  I like challenging games, and I like old school games but Read the rest of this entry

Bayonetta 2

onlyfornewbanner35starswordsplusminusawards4.jpg Read the rest of this entry

The Wonderful 101

onlyfornewbanner24stars2words.jpg Read the rest of this entry

Upcoming 2013 Releases – Part One

This is the time of year when the release schedule gets a little crowded. Earlier this week Pikmin 3 kicked off the video game season, and here are the upcoming games for August & September that I have my eye on. I’m also posting the best release day deals I can find for each one of these games. If you find a better deal please comment below or contact me on Twitter @TheGamerPad *I did not include upcoming digital releases on this list.

marioluigibanner8/11 – Mario & Luigi Dream Team
(3DS) – Best Deal: Fry’s $29.99 Anyone who’s been reading this site or my twitter account should know by now that I’m a pretty big Nintendo fan. So it should be no surprise Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is on my list of must-haves. I beat the first two Mario & Luigi games but have not played Bowser’s Inside Story yet. I’m unsure if I’m going to try and play through Bowser’s Inside Story before I start Dream Team, but I will be picking up this game when it’s released.bar2

saintsrowbanner8/20 – Saints Row IV (360) – Best Deal: Best Buy Pre Order Receive $10 Reward Certificate – I never got into the first Saints Row game, the second one I played one day while snowed inside of the house…I must’ve spent 10 hours on it in that one day alone. When the Third came out, and I gave it a shot, I came away surprised as it was one of my favorite games of 2011. I played through the entire game and got all of the achievements, it was some of the most fun I’ve had on my 360 and the humor was possibly the best I’ve ever seen in a video game. The Third sold me on Saints Row IV, and I’m probably looking forward to this just as much, if not more than GTA V.bar2 Read the rest of this entry

Upcoming 2012 Releases – Part One

Every year I try to take a look at what games are expected to be released, then I figure out which ones I feel are must-buys.  I rank them usually on what I know will be good and warrant a day one purchase, what is worth renting first and what is worth waiting for a price drop.

Whenever I’m looking at my list of “must-have” games before E3, it seems short and affordable.  It isn’t until after E3 I figure out that my wallet is going to take a pretty steep hit.  With the 3DS starting to have more steady releases, the addition of a PS3 last year, and the release of Wii U this year…I’m expecting Q4 to be overwhelming.

The following list I’ve made is games that I plan to purchase pretty much the day they release.  They’re only in order of their expected release dates, not by how much I want them.

Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS) – March 23rd – Ever since Kid Icarus Uprising was announced I had the impression that this was the game to pick-up if you had a 3DS.  I could be way off in my assumption, but I feel like this is going to be the biggest franchise bounce-back since Metroid Prime.  Expectations of mine might be high, but I’m figuring this will be the kind of game that we will look back on for years to come and praise it as one of the best on the system (like we do with Metroid Prime on GameCube).  A lot of people love Nintendo, and a lot of people don’t, but I think this is a game that will be undeniably good to anyone that plays it.   Read the rest of this entry