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Pokken Tournament DX – August 2018 Tournament


We’re going to have a tournament for Pokken Tournament DX this month!   More details will be added soon


We will have a sign-up for people that want to participate in the tournament, contact the admin/mods in the Discord if you’d like to sign-up.  After the sign-up is period is over, we will put together a tournament bracket and randomly choose who gets matched up.

Playing Your Match

Players will be assigned an opponent and given a deadline to set up and complete a matches.  If you are unable to set up a match with your opponent within the deadline, you may be rescheduled with a different opponent, you may also be disqualified if you’re unable to make it in time for the deadline.

Reporting Your Results

After completing your match with your opponent, you will have to report to admin/mods the results of your match.  The results will be recorded and the winner will advance to the next round.   The loser (if not disqualified) will be entered in a prize raffle, the winner will await information on their next round match-up.

Information Updates

All information updates will be posted here on this site, as well as in the #tournament channel in the Discord Server.

Game Rules/Settings


VS Mode:  Basic Battle
Country/Region:  Anywhere
VS Code:  Use
Enter VS Code:  (Up to your Discretion)

Winner is decided by a Best of 3 Series (Whoever wins 2 matches first)


Dinosaurhead vs Yoshi

MrAdam vs Saintwave

Glxywingz vs Gobo

Zain vs theGamerPad

Papa Harry vs Brrrenan