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5 Retro Games That Need Online Play


Nintendo announced a few months ago that their paid online service is going to come with 1 NES or SNES game a month. As an added bonus, those games will include newly added online play.   To a retro gamer and Nintendo fan like myself, this is more exciting than the free games offered through PS+ and XBox Gold.

Now as we wait for Nintendo to roll out the details, I have begun imagining what games I want to play online the most.  I am currently more interested in competitive multiplayer than co-op or leaderboards.  I feel with competitive multiplayer you can get more replay value and varied results than online 2player co-op.

Before we get into the 5 I want to see the most, let me quickly go over a few that I disqualified.   The main reasons for disqualifying some titles was because of licensing issues or that there is already an updated equivalent around that won’t want old school competition.   So here we go:

Disqualified Contenders:

  • Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (NES) – Capcom recently released this in the “Disney Afternoon Collection”, it’s doubtful they’d release this again with online play)
  • Tetris (NES) – Puyo Puyo Tetris is already out on the Switch and it does a great job of filling the need for online Tetris
  • Kirby’s Avalanche (SNES) – This is a Puyo Puyo clone that I used to play on Super Nintendo, it also is not necessary for online additions since the release of Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • TMNT 2: The Arcade Game (NES) – I love this game, but I don’t see it coming ever to the Switch as an online NES port.  Maybe as a complete remake or an actual arcade port though.  
  • Street Fighter II (SNES) – With Ultra Street Fighter II on the Switch I don’t see any need for a Street Fighter II online port.  
  • Killer Instinct (SNES) – I don’t think Nintendo owns the IP anymore as they haven’t released it on Virtual Console before and Microsoft released a newer version on XB1
  • NBA Jam (SNES) – I know EA owns the rights to NBA Jam, but I don’t know if they can re-release the originals. Anyhow, this would be better served as an all new release like the XBLA/PS3 “On Fire Edition”

Ok, now onto the 5 (sorry I know Top 5 lists can be a pain in the ass)


Believe it or not, this game used to actually be online for the Super Nintendo through the XBand service.  This was my favorite baseball game of the era and possibly my favorite baseball game of all-time.  I don’t think most people have as much of a desire to play this online as I do, but I really want to relive the online XBand matches from my childhood.

Ken Griffey is currently on the cover of MLB The Show ’17, so there might be some issues with him being the face of another game at the same time (this might have to wait until 2018).  But Nintendo shouldn’t have an issue acquiring the MLB rights since they are not exclusive to Sony, however if Nintendo wants to avoid the licensing they should be able to edit out the MLB and MLBPA properties fairly easily.   Read the rest of this entry

Devil’s Third – Online Finale

The servers went down on December 28th, 2016 for Devil’s Third on the Wii U.

I played online for the final month and was able to connect with SpookPhoenix/Spooky Klan.  Most of my streaming and matches were done while playing with this group.  I’m very thankful for them showing me the ropes and helping me play the game it was one of the better online gaming experiences I’ve had in years.



Devil’s Third Online has issues with exploits, latency and some polish issues. But it also had some very unique modes such as Siege Mode, which brought some good Klan Battles over territory.   Other modes such as Carnival had goofy fun to them that gave the game some charm, players would pick up random fruit at stands that spawned in the map and then would have to throw them into a blender that changed positions on the map too.  This was a great way to get familiar with throwing grenades, different fruits were harder to throw (watermelon vs orange) and gave different point values based on difficulty.   This was a very fun mode.

I used Discord to chat with people about Devil’s Third (link below) and found it a good app to get in touch with gamers.   The room still has participants, but there is no Devil’s Third to play online now.


Below is a list of the different modes that were available online Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars Battlefront – SCRAPbattles


Mario Tennis Ultra Smash