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Nintendo NX – Plan B


NX Plans:  With NX information coming next year, we’re all kind of curious to what approach Nintendo will make with their next console/device.  I’ve decided to have fun with this and speculate different plans/options Nintendo could have when releasing the NX.  None of this is actually based on information from Nintendo, this is not a leak, this is speculation and strategy ideas.  Over the next week I will be posting at least 4 different strategy plans laying out objectives and how it is expected to succeed.

Plan A
Plan B
Plan C

Plan B’s Objective:
To bring Nintendo back to the “core” video game crowd and re-stablish itself a leader in the video game industry.   Release the most powerful console on the market and make the development process as simple as possible for third party developers. Nintendo will also Publish, or help fund development for some third party titles to entice them to make exclusive games on the NX.  Nintendo will be aggressive in gaining the “hardcore” gamer, but will still remain a “family” console as Nintendo’s titles are mainly for “everyone”.  The NX is an early start on the next generation, some can look at Nintendo as 3 years behind, or maybe 3 years early.

System Specs:
Nothing specific, but it is the most powerful console on the market.  The cost to manufacture PS4 & XB1’s tech will continue to drop and become more profitable by the time of the NX’s release.  But the NX will get more bang for your buck at a slightly higher price than the PS4 & XB1, and be less profitable.  The idea is to fit as much power in the console as possible while still selling around the same price as PS4 & XB1, the sacrifice will be made by the amount of profits made off each console sold.  The system will smoothly handle an active interface and operating system, streaming games, recording, and networking with other devices (mobile, tablet, handheld console).  Graphics will clearly be better than those of the PS4 & XB1 and it will be able to handle 60fps smoothly and display in 1080 (maybe 4K).  Nintendo will push/market the fact it is the most powerful console, over and over again to make sure “Sony” and “Microsoft” don’t try to downplay the difference to casual consumers.

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