Hard Reset


I originally started this website back in early 2012, and before that in 2004 I used to run a Nintendo fan-site with a handful of other people. Over the past 7 years on this website I put a lot of work into the content, I explored bunch of different ideas, went a couple different directions and even expanded into a Discord Group that helps connect players for online games. But things weren’t working out, all of the different ideas and sections were getting scattered across the site without enough focus. Over the years, I was never able to post consistently. There were a few periods where a new idea would get worked on and developed, but other new ideas would come along and take priority. Now my latest idea, is to blow it all up and start over.

I’ve learned what ideas worked, which ones deserve more time, and where I should focus my content and attention. With everything previously being a bit of incomplete and jumbled sections, I figured it was best to tear it down and rebuild. I plan to start posting more consistently now to the site, I will be bringing back sections/ideas that worked well before, I’ll be creating new content, and I’ll even re-post revisions of the older stuff.

I have had a passion for video games ever since I was first introduced to them as a young child. As a kid, I wanted to have as many games as possible but it was probably my late teens when I became “collector”. I enjoy sharing my gaming experiences, whether that’s a brand new release, or a game from my child hood. If I come across a game that seems under-appreciated, or a bit unknown, I love being able to champion for it and tell people about it’s greatness. Everyone has different tastes and views, and some change over time, it’s why like to analyze my favorite games, genres, franchises, etc. This site is certainly a lot of opinion, and not much news, but at times I will try to include factual content too. Rarity guides, moments from past gaming generations, different “reports” that are less opinion based. I’ve been trying to find a way to express my gaming interests and opinions for the past 15 years online, but I think I’ve now finally got a format that works. I will unroll content at a steady rate, adding new sections and building off of them as I go.

If nobody else reads this, and nobody enjoys it, I’m glad to just log all of this info for myself as I track my experiences in gaming. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions, ideas, etc please contact me on Twitter @TheGamerPad or on the Discord Group

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