Retro Sports


The Retro Sports programs are going to cover various sports games throughout video game history.  The major sports will have their own dedicated programming, while other odd sports may receive special coverage or events.

All games/matches will be streamed live on and they will also be made available on Youtube and posted on along with a re-cap of the game.

Retro Sports previously was known as GSFN but that format has been scrapped and remade into this program.

All first 4 introductory programs are listed below.

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16 Weeks:  The first program to launch out of Retro Sports,  is a football series that will have several 16-episode seasons.  Each episode will cover a different football video game from the past, with and without the NFL license.

82 Games: This is a bit of a marathon series that will have coverage of 82 different basketball games, from street ball to the hardwood.

18 Clubs:  This series will travel around 18 different video game club houses to play a few rounds of golf.  Teeing off at some real-life recreations and even at some fantasy mini-golf courses too.

162 Innings:  Baseball for 162 innings (18 games) there are some classic baseball video games that will be revisited in this series.







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