Games of the Month

Every month we pick a selection of Games to put in the spotlight, these games get spotlighted in the Discord Server, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.  Below explains the games that are being selected.

Online Multiplayer 2 games a month to get the spotlight as the multiplayer games of the month. These will be games that are already released, as to avoid picking a game that may get delayed later. Again as mentioned above, we can pick games that were previously a Game of the Week, the selection starts over.

NES – Switch Online There will also be 2 games spotlighted from the NES library that’s available for the Nintendo Switch Online Service. The great thing is, all of us with online will have these games, so we should be able to matchmake and play a lot together.

Single Player One Single Player game will be spotlighted, similar to a “book club” we will hopefully have good discussion about that game as members progress and play through. Share screenshots/clips/etc (Try to avoid spoilers please!). This should add some more discussion and variety to the group.

Free Game One game will be chosen every month as a give-away. The way the winners are chosen will be determined by different factors/methods each month, but that method will be announced before a winner is chosen.





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