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David Robinson’s Supreme Court


Pat Riley Basketball


Genesis Retro Mix Vol.1


The First SEGA Genesis Mix was a 5 Game series with a bit of a random selection: X-Men 2: Clone Wars, Garfield: Caught in The Act, Super Street Fighter II, Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing and Greendog

X-Men 2 Clone Wars (Action) – I don’t remember ever playing this game but the first level in particular looks very familiar.  I have seen this on people’s Top 10 or Top 25 lists for SEGA Genesis games, and after playing it, that doesn’t surprise me.  The controls were very responsive and there was some cool level design and enemy patterns.  I was pretty impressed with the game even if I got frustrated and got a Game Over.  I made it up to Level 3-4 and died at the boss fight against Exodus.

Garfield: Caught in The Act (Platformer) – This game looks fun, and by watching the demo it seems like there are some cool levels to play, but this game is HARD.  And it wasn’t even a fun/challenging type of hard, it was very CHEAP.  I played this with my wife and we made it up to the boss of the first level, but couldn’t figure out if we were actually damaging it or not.  It was very frustrating and seemed to be very unforgiving and cheap.  I was pretty frustrated with it.   I’m going to look into seeing if I was doing something wrong, or if this game is actually that cheap.

Super Street Fighter II (Fighter) –  I use to love the Street Fighter II series, but Read the rest of this entry

Retro Football Week 10 – NFL2K


My Favorites of 2016


I didn’t play everything this year, I didn’t play every game of every genre on every platform.  I don’t even play PC games.  I know I missed out on some of the highest praised games of the year.  But out of the games that I did play, I had some favorite ones and found some memorable ones.  Some of the games might be leftovers from 2015 that I didn’t play until 2016. Hell, I even included some retro games in My Favorites of 2016.

This is what I played, and this is what I enjoyed. But to get a feel for my taste in gaming, I thought you might be interested in seeing what it is that I liked.  If you enjoy or have interest in the same kind of games, then you might want to keep checking back here on or on my twitch channel ( because I might be covering the exact kind of games that you want to see covered.










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Retro Football Week 8 – Prime Time


Retro Football Week 5 – Mike Ditka Power Football


GSFN – Retro World Series Game 2


Retro Football Week 4 – Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football


Retro Football


footballseasonThis is the first season of Retro Football on TheGamerPad and GSFN.    The first few weeks started off as a 2 game special.  The first game would be a retro game, while the second game would be played in Madden 17 on PS4 with special goals and custom rules.   The added Madden 17 games seemed unnecessary and probably better suited for another series.

The match-ups are based on actual match-ups in the NFL 2016 Season during that week.  The goal is to play with every team at least once in the season, but sometimes that might not be possible and sometimes there might be duplicates.

I haven’t played these retro games in years, if at all, so I usually fight a learning curve in the first half that I try to overcome in the second half.   Sometimes I get blown out, sometimes I make an interesting comeback.

Please give me any suggestions, recommendations to improve this series, and please send in game requests to me on or on twitter @TheGamerPad