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My Favorites of 2016


I didn’t play everything this year, I didn’t play every game of every genre on every platform.  I don’t even play PC games.  I know I missed out on some of the highest praised games of the year.  But out of the games that I did play, I had some favorite ones and found some memorable ones.  Some of the games might be leftovers from 2015 that I didn’t play until 2016. Hell, I even included some retro games in My Favorites of 2016.

This is what I played, and this is what I enjoyed. But to get a feel for my taste in gaming, I thought you might be interested in seeing what it is that I liked.  If you enjoy or have interest in the same kind of games, then you might want to keep checking back here on or on my twitch channel ( because I might be covering the exact kind of games that you want to see covered.










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Devil’s Third – Online Finale

The servers went down on December 28th, 2016 for Devil’s Third on the Wii U.

I played online for the final month and was able to connect with SpookPhoenix/Spooky Klan.  Most of my streaming and matches were done while playing with this group.  I’m very thankful for them showing me the ropes and helping me play the game it was one of the better online gaming experiences I’ve had in years.



Devil’s Third Online has issues with exploits, latency and some polish issues. But it also had some very unique modes such as Siege Mode, which brought some good Klan Battles over territory.   Other modes such as Carnival had goofy fun to them that gave the game some charm, players would pick up random fruit at stands that spawned in the map and then would have to throw them into a blender that changed positions on the map too.  This was a great way to get familiar with throwing grenades, different fruits were harder to throw (watermelon vs orange) and gave different point values based on difficulty.   This was a very fun mode.

I used Discord to chat with people about Devil’s Third (link below) and found it a good app to get in touch with gamers.   The room still has participants, but there is no Devil’s Third to play online now.


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GoldenEye 007


Picking Sony over Microsoft Next-Gen


(Updated 2/27/2013) Every time a new generation of systems arrives, I tend to have my decisions already made on what order I will be buying each companies systems.  Nintendo’s systems are a certainty for me, even if it is the unpopular decision.  Mario, Metroid, Zelda and almost every other Nintendo franchise is something I can’t pass up.  However choosing my other system isn’t as much of a simple must-have, it becomes “which one first”.  The last generation I picked up a Playstation 2 a while before I ever got a XBox, PS2 had a huge library of games and the XBox had fun online, when online wasn’t common.  In this current generation I picked the Wii at launch, and then about 7 months later I became more interested in playing some HD games on my new TV.  I quickly picked the 360 over the PS3 and never regretted it, I still don’t. Most of my friends had a 360, very few of them had a PS3 and this was pretty important for any online gaming, borrowing/trading games, co-op, etc.  The 360 had a bigger library at the time (due to being out longer) and the 360 was significantly cheaper (I believe about $200).  I didn’t buy a PS3 until 4 years later in 2011, and I primarily bought it to play NFL Sunday Ticket without having a full DirecTV subscription.

The next generation is quickly approaching and before anything official has even been announced, I’m pretty sure my mind is made up…I’m going with Sony.   Now this doesn’t mean I’m never going to get Microsoft’s next system, and this doesn’t even mean I’m going to pick up a Playstation 4 at launch, but right now Sony is winning the war and I don’t see how Microsoft can change that.  Below is my breakdown of some of the most important factors and reasons for my decisions. Read the rest of this entry