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Mario Tennis Aces – July 2018 Tournament



We’re going to have a Mario Aces Tournament!

Unfortunately the in-game settings don’t make organizing this very easy, so there’s going to have to be a lot of management from the admin/mods on setting these matches up.


We will have a sign-up for people that want to participate in the tournament, contact the admin/mods in the Discord if you’d like to sign-up.  After the sign-up is period is over, we will put together a tournament bracket and randomly choose who gets matched up.

Playing Your Match

Players will be assigned an opponent and given a deadline to set up and complete a matches.  If you are unable to set up a match with your opponent within the deadline, you may be rescheduled with a different opponent, you may also be disqualified if you’re unable to make it in time for the deadline.

Reporting Your Results

After completing your match with your opponent, you will have to report to admin/mods the results of your match.  The results will be recorded and the winner will advance to the next round.   The loser (if not disqualified) will be entered in a prize raffle, the winner will await information on their next round match-up.

Information Updates

All information updates will be posted here on this site, as well as in the #tournament channel in the Discord Server.

Game Rules/Settings


Match Type: Singles Only

COM Difficulty: Intermediate (N/A)

Play Style: Standard

Play Time: Extended Play

Court: All

KO Loss: Yes




Nintendo Direct 9.13.17 – Speculation, Predictions & Wishful Thinking



A new Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow and it’s reportedly focusing on the Switch’s next couple of months (Holiday Season) and the 3DS.  To have a little fun with this I decided to put together a little bit of what I think Nintendo is going to be announcing, and a lot of what I think they should be announcing.  I know there’s a lot of reasons why some of this stuff won’t happen, but I don’t think any of it’s too far fetched.

The Switch launch was a huge success, and unlike most successful system launches it was not during a holiday season.  Now 6 months later, it is my opinion that Nintendo needs to essentially re-launch and re-introduce the system to everyone for the holiday season.   Show us all what has gone so well, and what Switch owners have coming in the future, that’s what I hope to see from this Nintendo Direct


Nintendo should start off by hammering in the fact that the system has been a huge sales’ success so far and that the systems are flying off the shelf worldwide.  This past July the Switch outsold the PS4 and XBox One, it has also sold over 5 million units worldwide (1.5 million in Japan alone where thousands of people line up weekly to try and get one) and over 10million in software sales.

Games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and The Legend of Zelda: BOTW have all sold over a million copies (Splatoon 2 did it in 1 week!).  But even Third Parties such as Capcom and NISA have been very happy with the success of the sales on the Switch.  Nintendo should throw out all of this information in a concise way to just reiterate the fact that the Switch is doing good and developers are happy.   There is no need to worry about purchasing a Switch, this is not another Wii U.

Third Party Support

Transitioning from applauding the success of the Switch Hardware and Software sales, this would be a great time to announce some new third party support for the Switch and some details to recently announced games.   Some of the recently announced games we know of are: Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 and L.A. Noire, but wouldn’t it be great if we found a few more surprises from third parties?

These major third parties are just testing the waters, and most have had development tools for less than a year, so to expect brand new full fledged releases would be a little unrealistic at this point in my opinion.  I expect to see some more ports/remasters to get Switch owners through the next year before the major players really commit a big AAA project to the Switch.   They’ll want to try out their reliable sellers and gauge it on that, that’s why I’m expecting some more ports, and I’m all for playing some of these great games with portable functionality…this makes the Switch version more appealing to me than others.


We know Capcom and Ubisoft have some unannounced games up their sleeves, and something like Mega Man Legacy Collection, or the Disney Afternoon Collection seems like a very easy port and cash grab to try out on the Nintendo fanbase.  Read the rest of this entry

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash


Favorite Games – Virtual Boy Top 5

Since I recently bought Teleroboxer, I decided to go through my Virtual Boy Collection.  While playing most of the titles, I commented on twitter @thegamerpad what I was playing and the progress I made.  Interesting enough, after I had played Virtual Boy for a few days I developed an ear infection (I don’t know if that’s related) and a Top 5 List.   The following Top 5 are based on the game I have played and own.

#1 – Wario Land – This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Most people claim this is the best Virtual Boy game, and it’s not hard to see why.  Most other Virtual Boy games are puzzle games, or shorter games that can be completed in 30 – 60 minutes.  Wario Land however is a full adventure/platforming game that really makes good use of the Virtual Boy’s 3D Technology.  The game is similar to the Wario Land series on the Game Boy, but the most unique part is that you can jump in and out of the background (see 3:48 on this video for example).  Games like Donkey Kong Country Returns (and I think New Super Mario Bros) have used that idea in Read the rest of this entry