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Day1PickUp: September 2018

Day1PickUp is a list of games I’ve pre-ordered or plan to pick up on their release day.  They’re a little different than my other “hauls” because these are planned, and aren’t as random.  I will be discussing most of these games in the lead up to their release, and even after their release I’ll give impressions and/or reviews.   You can also count on me streaming these games upon release so tune in on the front page or at


godwars copy
God of Wars: The Complete Legend – I’m picking this up because it looks pretty fun, but my main draw as a Day 1 Pick-Up is because I’m getting the Collector’s Edition, and up to this point I’ve been able to get every NISA Collector’s Edition so far.  I wanna keep the whole set going

snkSNK Heroines – Again, like God Wars, my main draw for picking this up Day1 is because it’s a NISA Collector’s Edition and I’m trying to get the whole set.   This one actually has some cool, and odd stuff like a hat, tank-top and towel among more common items like art books and soundtracks.   It looks like a fun fighter, I enjoyed the old SNK fighters, but I still haven’t even played my copy of BlazBlue CrossTag Battle yet!

NBA 2K19 – I spent about 150 Hours on NBA 2K18 for the Switch.  I didn’t play much of this series since the GameCube/XBox era, but 2K18 roped me back in.  The grind at the blacktop starts September 11th.

labrynthofrefrain.pngLabyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk – I’m not going to lie, I had to actually search this Read the rest of this entry