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Favorite Games – Virtual Boy Top 5

Since I recently bought Teleroboxer, I decided to go through my Virtual Boy Collection.  While playing most of the titles, I commented on twitter @thegamerpad what I was playing and the progress I made.  Interesting enough, after I had played Virtual Boy for a few days I developed an ear infection (I don’t know if that’s related) and a Top 5 List.   The following Top 5 are based on the game I have played and own.

#1 – Wario Land – This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Most people claim this is the best Virtual Boy game, and it’s not hard to see why.  Most other Virtual Boy games are puzzle games, or shorter games that can be completed in 30 – 60 minutes.  Wario Land however is a full adventure/platforming game that really makes good use of the Virtual Boy’s 3D Technology.  The game is similar to the Wario Land series on the Game Boy, but the most unique part is that you can jump in and out of the background (see 3:48 on this video for example).  Games like Donkey Kong Country Returns (and I think New Super Mario Bros) have used that idea in Read the rest of this entry