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Devil’s Third – Online Finale

The servers went down on December 28th, 2016 for Devil’s Third on the Wii U.

I played online for the final month and was able to connect with SpookPhoenix/Spooky Klan.  Most of my streaming and matches were done while playing with this group.  I’m very thankful for them showing me the ropes and helping me play the game it was one of the better online gaming experiences I’ve had in years.



Devil’s Third Online has issues with exploits, latency and some polish issues. But it also had some very unique modes such as Siege Mode, which brought some good Klan Battles over territory.   Other modes such as Carnival had goofy fun to them that gave the game some charm, players would pick up random fruit at stands that spawned in the map and then would have to throw them into a blender that changed positions on the map too.  This was a great way to get familiar with throwing grenades, different fruits were harder to throw (watermelon vs orange) and gave different point values based on difficulty.   This was a very fun mode.

I used Discord to chat with people about Devil’s Third (link below) and found it a good app to get in touch with gamers.   The room still has participants, but there is no Devil’s Third to play online now.


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