Games From My Backlog: Spring Edition

If it’s not obvious by now, I have a lot of games, too many games and not enough time. My backlog of games builds quickly, I have a problem. Every once in a while I take a look at what has piled up and I try to prioritize what I want to play or finish. I just recently beat the newly released Yoshi’s Crafted World, and now I’m going to look at some stuff to play out of my backlog this Spring.

This is a list of some of the games I’ve already started, but never finished. I enjoyed playing all of these games and would like to go back and complete them.

Dragon Quest Builders – I put in over 40 hours of Dragon Quest Builders when it came out February 2018, but all of this time was spent building up my gigantic castle in the First Chapter. I never advanced to the other chapters because it apparently makes you leave behind/lose your creations. I figure I’ll just keep a save of Chapter 1 to go back to, and should now try to advance in the game before Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes out this Summer.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – I really enjoyed this game, I’m actually a big fan of both turn based strategy games and Mario games. When I last played in late 2017 I just made it to the 2nd Boss Fight. Life got a little busy right after this game came out, and I put most of my gaming time into Mario Odyssey instead of this…I really need to go back.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – This was one of my favorite games of 2018. It came out in December and I spent the month playing it, I had just received the Lion abilities when I stopped playing last. I believe I’m close to the end and I’m definitely going back and finishing this soon.

Mega Man 11 – I’m a huge Mega Man fan, and I really loved what they did with this sequel, it was just as challenging and fun as the older titles. The first level took me a LONG time to clear. My second level (Acid Man) I was able to get to the boss fight much faster, but still never cleared it. As a huge Mega Man fan, I’d love to go back and beat this game.

The Messenger – This was one of my favorite games of last year, I need to play through it and get the full experience. When I last played I had reached the 16-bit era and defeated a red dragon boss. I don’t know exactly how far into the game is, I believe at least 2 hours…for how much I enjoyed playing this, I should finish it.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – I’m not well experienced in this series, but I played the original on Playstation 4 and loved it, I even got the Platinum Trophy. The series went through some changes but 4 brings it back to the original’s formula. I played the first couple missions and definitely got the vibes of the original, this was one of my most anticipated games of 2018 and another I need to get back to.

Yoku’s Island Express – I’ve played a couple hours into this game which is a mixture of a pinball game and a metroid-vania game….odd combo right? It was very impressive and is something I will probably make into one of my “pick up and play” games when I get back into it.

These are all games by indie developers that have been in my backlog. I have never played any of the 4 games on this list, but they all interest me and are games I want to play soon.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – I received this free last year as a pre-order bonus for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I honestly just keep forgetting that I have this game, but I am very interested in it. Ritual of the Night is the only game I’ve ever backed/pre-ordered through Kickstarter. Apparently it’s pretty short, so it’s easily one I can finish off this list. Looking forward to it.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas – From what I’ve seen and heard about this game, it’s similar to A Link to the Past. That’s my favorite Zelda, so the comparison grabbed my interest. When I get a few hours, I’d like to start into this and see if it’s worth going through.

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn – I’m a huge fan of Shaq, he’s the whole reason I became a basketball fan. Shaq-Fu however, was pretty awful. I haven’t played Reborn yet, but I’d like to give it a shot, I’ve heard some positive things about it. I don’t know what to expect other than a humorous beat ’em up.

Undertale – I’m not into story games, but this is apparently very story oriented and humorous. I’ve heard some comparisons to Earthbound (unsure if that’s a fair comparison) so it got me interested. I will give this a shot, but unsure if it’s going to be for me.

I really enjoy JRPGs and there are some great looking ones on the Switch that I’ve really been dying to play. I’m having trouble choosing which one to start with. The biggest hurdle I have with JRPGs is committing the long hours required for most of them, especially in the beginning.

Octopath Traveler – I was excited for this game ever since it’s announcement, but like all JRPGs, I knew it was time consuming. And like all of these JRPGs, I keep pushing it back because I don’t know when I’ll have the time to sink into it.

Shining Resonance Refrain – This seems like a traditional JRPG, it unfortunately came out around the same time as Octopath Traveler and got somewhat ignored. It looks fun, I’d like to check out if it’s under-appreciate or under-whelming.

The World Ends With You Final Remix – I never played the original on DS but I heard nothing but great things about the game. Despite my large DS and 3DS collection, I’ve hardly spent much time on the handheld. This game however always caught my interest. Now I have a chance to play it on the big screen, I should take the opportunity. My DS version has sat on the shelf for close to 12 years, my Switch version for 6 months…it’s time to finally play it!!

Xenoblade 2 / Xenoblade 2: Torna – I have both the full game of Xenoblade 2 and the Prequel Expansion (Torna) that I need to play. I really enjoyed the first Xenoblade on Wii and the X on Wii U. Since Torna is the Prequel and roughly 20 hours, I will likely start with that. The 70+ hours of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will probably have to come at a later time.

Y’s VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – This franchise has really interested me lately, Y’s Origin looks really fun and I hope that comes to Switch at some point. Y’s VIII also looks excellent, and when I heard it was coming to Switch I was very excited because I already had my eye on it for PS4. It’s been almost a year since release, and my collector’s edition is still sealed, I need to crack this open.

I went 19 months without powering on my PS4 and my PS+ subscription expired in November ’17. Things are changing though, just this past weekend I powered on my PS4 and ran the update, I also renewed my PS+ subscription. Welcome back.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – I really don’t know much of anything about this game, or this franchise. When I was a kid I had a Fist of the North Star fighting game on GameBoy. This game looked interesting to me and I was able to pick it up cheap at Best Buy on a pricing error during Black Friday sales. From what I’ve heard, it’s similar to the Yakuza series (which is also on this list) but I have yet to play any Yakuza games.

God of War – I don’t have much experience with the God of War series. I played the first couple chapters of the original and I played a demo of the PSP game. The games felt high quality and despite being late to the series, I’m surprised I never played more. This God of War is supposedly a big change for the series and is regarded as one of the best PS4 games, I will have to play this.

Yakuza 0 – Another franchise I’m not very familiar with. A few of my friends have highly recommended this series to me. Last generation a friend of mine chose the PS3 over the 360 just for Yakuza 3. I got Yakuza 0 in 2017 and have yet to even open it, I also have Yakuza Kiwami 1, Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 6 waiting for me on the PS4 also. If this game is too similar to Fist of the North Star, it might be odd playing both so close together, gonna have to make a decision.

These games all released this year and haven’t been in a “backlog” very long. Recent releases like Cuphead and Yoshi’s Crafted World released after these games and already got pushed ahead, so technically these games have been backlogged. I’m still very interested in playing these recent releases.

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! – I played this on the Wii and had a lot of fun with it, this was a very welcome and surprising remaster. North America didn’t get a physical version so I imported it from Japan. It’s only been out a month so “backlog” might not be fair, but I am looking forward to playing this.

Dragon Marked for Death – I’m a huge fan of Inti Creates and this has been on my radar for over a year (it was delayed). Now that the physical version is out, I need to get on this before it gets buried in the constantly expanding Switch library.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe – I already beat NSMBU on the Wii U and played through a lot of NSLU when it was released. This deluxe version is low on my backlog priority, but I already cleared the first 2 Worlds, and Mario is always a fun game to play. I’m sure I’ll put more time into this when the opportunity pops up.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – I’m a pretty big Suda 51 fan and a big fan of the first 2 No More Heroes games. This was one of my most anticipated games ever since it was announced Travis Touchdown was coming to Switch. Unfortunately after I played the first couple chapters I felt a bit disappointed. I will undoubtedly come back to this game because I enjoy Suda 51’s writing, hopefully the gameplay in Travis Strikes Again will keep me entertained.

I have picked up a few imports (especially from Super Rare Games), but these 3 particular games don’t have a physical OR digital release in the United States. 2 of them are collections, but still all 3 games highly interest me and I’m looking forward to playing them soon.

Kunio-Kun The World Classic Collection – I enjoy the River City Ransom games, I also enjoy games like Super Dodgeball and World Cup Soccer which apparently use the same characters-style. I’m not entirely sure on the history. This collection did not come out in the US but it still has English support for games that released in English languages. This collection also has the Double Dragon Trilogy too. I’m looking forward to exploring all that this collection has to offer.

Psikyo Collection Vol. 1 – This collection never released in America either. This contains four different 2D Arcade Shooters: Strikers 1945, SOL Divide, Samurai Aces and Gunbird. I also have the 2nd volume of the collection. These collections should be fun to play.

Super Robot Wars T – I don’t know much about this game but it didn’t get a US release, and it supports English text. It looks interesting and is pretty highly rated. I’m so thankful that the Switch is region free and it’s so easy to import games, along with them often having English support.

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