Day1PickUps: October 2018

Day1PickUp is a list of games I’ve pre-ordered or plan to pick up on their release day.  They’re a little different than my other “hauls” because these are planned, and aren’t as random.  I will be discussing most of these games in the lead up to their release, and even after their release I’ll give impressions and/or reviews.   You can also count on me streaming these games upon release so tune in on the front page or at



mm11Mega Man 11 – Are you kidding me? A brand new Mega Man game (and it looks good!).  Of course I’m getting this Day 1

SMP.pngSuper Mario Party – I’m honestly not that excited about this game, but I know a lot of people in the Discord Server are getting it.  It’s also a Nintendo title, so I’m bound to get it anyways.

Disgaea 1 Complete Edition – I only played a little of Disgaea 5, but what I played, I really liked.  This is a remaster of the first Disgaea, and I hope to jump into this.  I got the Collector’s Edition!


twewyThe World Ends With You Final Remix – I never played this when it came out on DS.  My wife did and she had high praises for it, I’m pretty excited for this release.

starlink.pngStar Link: Battle For Atlas – Ubisoft sure knows how to draw in Nintendo fans, I was sold on the Arwing toy alone, but the fact there are Star Fox missions makes this really cool.  It actually looks like a pretty good game too, hope it turns out that way.

mfl.pngMutant Football League – This has been one of my most anticipated games of the year, and a game I repeatedly begged the developers to bring to the Switch.  I loved the humor and fun of the original Mutant Leage games, I’m glad it’s almost here, I really can’t wait to sink some time in this!

yom.pngYomawari – I honestly don’t know much about this, but it’s a NISA Collector’s Edition so I again feel obligated to pick it up to keep my collection going

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