Day1PickUp: September 2018

Day1PickUp is a list of games I’ve pre-ordered or plan to pick up on their release day.  They’re a little different than my other “hauls” because these are planned, and aren’t as random.  I will be discussing most of these games in the lead up to their release, and even after their release I’ll give impressions and/or reviews.   You can also count on me streaming these games upon release so tune in on the front page or at


godwars copy
God of Wars: The Complete Legend – I’m picking this up because it looks pretty fun, but my main draw as a Day 1 Pick-Up is because I’m getting the Collector’s Edition, and up to this point I’ve been able to get every NISA Collector’s Edition so far.  I wanna keep the whole set going

snkSNK Heroines – Again, like God Wars, my main draw for picking this up Day1 is because it’s a NISA Collector’s Edition and I’m trying to get the whole set.   This one actually has some cool, and odd stuff like a hat, tank-top and towel among more common items like art books and soundtracks.   It looks like a fun fighter, I enjoyed the old SNK fighters, but I still haven’t even played my copy of BlazBlue CrossTag Battle yet!

NBA 2K19 – I spent about 150 Hours on NBA 2K18 for the Switch.  I didn’t play much of this series since the GameCube/XBox era, but 2K18 roped me back in.  The grind at the blacktop starts September 11th.

labrynthofrefrain.pngLabyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk – I’m not going to lie, I had to actually search this right now to see gameplay of it…it does look cool and fun.   But like SNK Heroines and God Wars, NISA is just getting me to spend a lot of money this month because I’m going for a full collector’s set.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country – I love Xenoblade, so I definitely want to play this expansion, but I still haven’t played my copy of Xenoblade 2!  The cool thing is that this game also comes with the Season Pass for the main game.  I hope this gets me to finally tear into the main game.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – This is one of my most anticipated games (if not my most) of the year.   It’s like a mixture of Advance Wars and Battalion Wars, it’s real-time and turn-based strategy in one! My experience with the series is limited, I played the 1st one on PS4 and absolutely loved it!  I also played Revolution, and that was much different, and not nearly as good.  4 looks like a return to the series’ original play style, so I can’t wait to jump into this!

pacarcade copy.pngNamco Musem Arcade Pac – I might hold off on getting this Day 1 since I already picked up Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus in the eShop…but it’ll be cool to have some of these Namco Classics on the Switch, particularly Splatterhouse!

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