Nintendo Direct 9.13.17 – Speculation, Predictions & Wishful Thinking



A new Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow and it’s reportedly focusing on the Switch’s next couple of months (Holiday Season) and the 3DS.  To have a little fun with this I decided to put together a little bit of what I think Nintendo is going to be announcing, and a lot of what I think they should be announcing.  I know there’s a lot of reasons why some of this stuff won’t happen, but I don’t think any of it’s too far fetched.

The Switch launch was a huge success, and unlike most successful system launches it was not during a holiday season.  Now 6 months later, it is my opinion that Nintendo needs to essentially re-launch and re-introduce the system to everyone for the holiday season.   Show us all what has gone so well, and what Switch owners have coming in the future, that’s what I hope to see from this Nintendo Direct


Nintendo should start off by hammering in the fact that the system has been a huge sales’ success so far and that the systems are flying off the shelf worldwide.  This past July the Switch outsold the PS4 and XBox One, it has also sold over 5 million units worldwide (1.5 million in Japan alone where thousands of people line up weekly to try and get one) and over 10million in software sales.

Games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and The Legend of Zelda: BOTW have all sold over a million copies (Splatoon 2 did it in 1 week!).  But even Third Parties such as Capcom and NISA have been very happy with the success of the sales on the Switch.  Nintendo should throw out all of this information in a concise way to just reiterate the fact that the Switch is doing good and developers are happy.   There is no need to worry about purchasing a Switch, this is not another Wii U.

Third Party Support

Transitioning from applauding the success of the Switch Hardware and Software sales, this would be a great time to announce some new third party support for the Switch and some details to recently announced games.   Some of the recently announced games we know of are: Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 and L.A. Noire, but wouldn’t it be great if we found a few more surprises from third parties?

These major third parties are just testing the waters, and most have had development tools for less than a year, so to expect brand new full fledged releases would be a little unrealistic at this point in my opinion.  I expect to see some more ports/remasters to get Switch owners through the next year before the major players really commit a big AAA project to the Switch.   They’ll want to try out their reliable sellers and gauge it on that, that’s why I’m expecting some more ports, and I’m all for playing some of these great games with portable functionality…this makes the Switch version more appealing to me than others.


We know Capcom and Ubisoft have some unannounced games up their sleeves, and something like Mega Man Legacy Collection, or the Disney Afternoon Collection seems like a very easy port and cash grab to try out on the Nintendo fanbase. 

Metal Gear Solid V is already running on the PS3, so I don’t think it’d be unrealistic to think it might make it to the Switch, especially with Konami losing Hideo Kojima, they might be more interested in re-release cash-ins than continuing the series.

Assassin’s Creed the Ezio Collection is a collection of 3 Assassin’s Creeds games that were from the 360/PS3 generation.  This collection was released on the PS4/XB1 late last year, this seems like a prime candidate to me for Ubisoft to try and test out the sales potential of the series on the Switch.

Doom seems like a good fit too, I just have a feeling about that one.

Anyways, all of these are guesses and speculation, but don’t be surprised if we see a lot of new ports announced for the Switch.

Release Dates

We still need a release date for Skyrim!  I think this is where we get it.   I think we also get a release date for Xenoblade 2 (is it actually gonna make it out in 2017??), we might even see some sort of a special edition announced too.   There’s a few other games with unknown release dates too:  Stardew Valley, Pocket Fighter, Shakedown Hawaii, Yooka-Laylee.   I think we’re all waiting a little too long to get these release dates, but hopefully we find out they’re all coming soon.

Mario Odyssey (Special Edition/System Bundle?)

We’re obviously going to get some new info and trailers about Super Mario Odyssey, that’s another huge release that is bound to be the biggest seller through the holidays.  I’m pretty confident Nintendo is going to release something “special” to go along with the game, maybe it’s a special edition with some collectible crap, or maybe it’s special Mario & Luigi Joycons, or maybe it’s all of the above in a System Bundle?   I doubt Nintendo will pass up the opportunity seeing as Nintendo has announced some special edition controller or game to go along with all of it’s releases (except Mario Kart…well the wheels I guess might count).

Fire Emblem Warriors

New trailers, new character reveals and maybe show off the previously announced special edition

Xenoblade 2

As previously mentioned I think they’ll give us a release date (hopefully 2017 still) and a new trailer.   If it’s making the 2017 date, I think we’ll also see a Special Edition announced for this game too.

Pokken Tournament

A new trailer and reminder to everyone that the game comes out this week.  Maybe show off one of the new characters


When Switch first launched everyone said “where’s the apps?”, no YouTube, no Netflix, there was a lot of negative comments about the Switch due to a lack of apps.  My personal belief is that Nintendo didn’t want to give out the tools for the Switch to those outside of their inner-circle until it was unveiled so they could prevent leaks, and this caused video streaming apps to miss launch.   Now though, I would hope Nintendo can show off some new functionality of the Switch to really help reel in some more people through the Holiday Season.   I was fine without those apps at launch, but I understand these are some things Nintendo should have done by the end of the year and needs to start promoting it.  With video streaming services and maybe a web browser we will start to see the Switch become more tempting to some people.   (I don’t think Twitch will allow streaming functionality, just viewing functionality)

New System Updates/Features

I don’t know exactly what Nintendo might have in a new system update, but I think we’ll get one soon.  I’ve heard that they already have tests in place for developers that involve save/data transferring through SD cards, so this most likely is coming soon…and it is MUCH needed.    Maybe we’ll get some other functionality like messaging.  A developer also recently hinted towards an Achievement/Trophy system


DLC & Nintendo Online App Updates

ARMS and Splatoon 2 are supposed to both have DLC consistently dropping over the next few months.  Nintendo should take this opportunity to show off new characters, arenas and arms coming to ARMS, and also show off the new arenas, weapons and modes coming to Splatoon 2.   This will give consumers confidence in spending the $60 on the game and know that the game will continue to have new life given to it throughout the year.   Let us see what’s coming and let us get hyped up for it!

The Legend of Zelda; BOTW has DLC from the Season Pass coming out later this year, this would also be a great opportunity to show off what is coming and revive interest in Zelda through the holidays.

Mario + Rabbids has a Season Pass DLC with some plans announced, but it’d be great to get some dates and details too.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is awesome, and I personally feel like I don’t need a sequel to Mario Kart in the next 5+ years because Mario Kart 8/Deluxe feels and looks great. With very little room for innovation left I hope Nintendo pumps out some more tracks, characters and battle modes/arenas in a DLC pack.   The DLC for MK8 on Wii U was so well priced I would have no problem with them doing it again for MK8D.   I think we end up with a Diddy Kong Racing at some point on the Switch to fill the void of no Mario Kart 9.

I also would hope to see Nintendo start to give us more reason to be interested in their online service.   The app for Splatoon 2 is far from perfect, but I think this is time for an update to the app and online games such as ARMS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that will allow us at least the same voice chat, match making functionality and stat tracking that Splatoon 2 has, all in the same app.

A Couple More Surprises

Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya have hinted at Bayonetta and the Wonderful 101 (or 102?) for the Switch.    Images have been tweeted out that show Wonderful 101 characters holding joycons, when asked about a W101 port he questioned maybe it was for W102 instead.    The Bayonetta image shows blue & red similar to the joycons, with the guns having 1 & 2 barrels, speculation believes this is hinting at Bayonetta 1 & 2 being ported to the Switch.    This would be an awesome announcement and it’s going to come at some point in an official form,  the Nintendo Direct would be a great place to announce this.

There’s also some Japanese games on Switch which haven’t been announced for the US yet such as Monster Hunter XX and Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2, maybe we finally hear about those.

We could also get announcement of another Wii U Port to the Switch, maybe it’s Smash Bros, maybe it’s Mario Maker, maybe it’s Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3 or Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.   You know what, it could even be an older game remastered, like Wii Sports….wouldn’t that be a perfect showcase to bring back in the Holidays, portable Wii Bowling multiplayer?    Hopefully we get something.


Non-Switch Info

3DS – I think we’ll see some trailers and reminders about Metroid: Samus Returns, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Duel, Yo-Kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters and maybe even a new model of New 3DS XL or New 2DS XL.  But I think very little time will be spent on the 3DS

Classic NES/SNES – This news has already come out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they touched on it during the Nintendo Direct.  Reggie recently said they will have more Classic SNES units at launch than they did the entire release period of the Classic NES.  He also said the SNES Classic will be extended into 2018 and that the Classic NES will see re-release in 2018 as well.  He said NOT to pay scalper prices.   Sounds like it’d be worth mentioning in the Direct too.

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