The PS4/XB1 Generation So Far


This generation of systems (not including Wii U) has been going on for a little bit over 3 years now.  While the systems have become more powerful, the functionalities have expanded and the ability to share videos has emerged, I am still somewhat disappointed by the games we’ve got over the past 3 years.   In no way do I think this generation has “sucked”, I just feel like it’s left me wanting more than what is being offered.

I feel as if the Sony and Microsoft exclusives have been lackluster this generation, a few have fallen flat and most of them have received numerous delays.  I also feel like Third Parties have also been a bit disappointing this generation too.  Third parties seem to be even more overly cautious, releasing even more generic and predictable copy cat games.  There has been a lack of new IPs and new ideas from all major publishers this generation.  And of course, as we all know, the cash grabs and schedule fillers known as remaster and re-releases have shown up more than we’d like.   While waiting for the new must-have games, I’ve been wondering  “When the hell are we gonna get this generation started?”

2016 was by far the best year of this generation, with favorites such as: Uncharted 4, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, Dark Souls III, Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian and more.  But right now as we feel the PS4/XB1 are about to hit their stride, we’re being pushed into upgrading to PS4 Pros and XB1 Scorpios.  As of now, these upgrades aren’t required but undoubtedly  all of the major titles will take advantage of the extra power.  I also won’t be surprised if there ends up being Pro/Scorpio exclusives.  We might even see development focus so much on Pro/Scorpio, that the original PS4/XB1 will suffer.  I find it a bit concerning that games are being announced and hyped multiple years before release (Death Stranding, Shenmue 3, FF VII Remake, etc) and that by the time they come out, PS4/XB1 will probably be considered old.


I’m not a PC gamer, I’m a console gamer.  And I feel as if Microsoft is trying to appeal to the PC Gamer instead of the Console Gamer.  Instead of creating it’s own lane and unique experiences, Microsoft is just trying to mimic and blend in with the PC crowd.   It seems like the Scorpio is an attempt to hurry up and reboot the generation and rebrand themselves after being disappointed with XBox One’s image and sales.  Meanwhile I think Sony is playing it too safe with their lead, instead of trying to stay ahead of the curve, and lead the way with innovation.  The PS4 Pro comes across as something Sony rushed out to stay ahead of Microsoft’s Scorpio, and in my view Sony has done a poor job demonstrating the need for this minor jump in power.  The PSVR is something I think similarly showcases the same attitude of  Sony, putting it out there, so they have it if it becomes “necessary”.  But it is not something they are aggressively trying to lead.

I know I might be over critical of the past few years, it’s not to be cynical, but to show that as gamers and consumers we can’t get complacent with accepting whatever the industry throws at us.  When we get accepting of remasters filling in the schedule or the same annual titles, or copy cat titles from the major publishers, we will lose the creativity and innovation that pushes gaming.   The indies lack the tech, polish and budgets of the big companies, but they are making up for it with their creative visions.  It seems as if the big publishers are keeping their developers from taking risks or building new IPs and only going the safe route, which I fear is eventually going to backfire from repetition and over saturation of the same games in the market.   I also think jumping onto the Pro and Scorpio is unwarranted at the moment (unless you don’t have either one of the systems).   I already think there is such little parity between XB1 and PS4 there’s no reason to own both, but I think upgrading seems a little premature too.  I agree that the PS4 and XB1 were released a little underpowered to keep them cheap, but I still believe if the game play isn’t fun, and if the games don’t feel fresh, it doesn’t matter how good they look.  I don’t want more Playstation or XBox hardware, I want more great games.

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