PSVR – 2 Months Later


It’s been two months since I picked up the PSVR and a handful of launch titles Unfortunately it was already collecting dust and not getting any use.  A few of the titles were making me sick when I played them, and that deterred me from going back to those games.  Other titles such as Batman and Job Simulator had the novelty wear off.  I looked at them as more of an “experience” than a “game”.  Once I experienced it, that was it, no need to go through it again so soon after.  Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that VR, or at least the PSVR isn’t for me at the moment.   From what I’ve played, I’ve come to the conclusion that the games will either make me sick, or the novelty will rub off quickly.  I have no problem sticking with non-VR games.

Over the past 2 months there are plenty of games that have come out on the PS4 that I have picked up, and more I plan to pick up:    

  •  Aragami
  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare / Modern Warfare Remaster
  • Dragon Quest Builders
  • Earth’s Dawn
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Mafia III
  • Rise of Tomb Raider
  • The Last Guardian
  • Titan Fall 2
  • World of Final Fantasy

I’m already trying to juggle all of those games on my PS4, which is causing me to struggle to find time for the PSVR.  In my opinion, every one of those PS4 games takes priority over the PSVR games.  I understand that it’s not quite fair to compare 3rd Year PS4 Games to a Launch Line-Up of a peripheral, but the PSVR requires a PS4 and is in direct competition for my PS4 time and budget.  Even if the above games were available in PSVR, I would still choose to play without the headset.  I feel like the best experience for most games and genres is still going to be without the VR and without the time limitations of using the device.

DriveClub VR with the steering wheel and pedals is incredibly immersive, it’s amazing how realistic it feels.  In small doses I would actually prefer DriveClub VR, with steering wheels and pedals over regular DriveClub with a Dualshock4.   But if I wanted to sit down and play for more than 30minutes, I would prefer the regular edition.  If you bring the costs into the equation, I don’t see that upgrade being worth the $400 for the PSVR (camera and Move not included) plus the costs of the Wheel and Pedals.  Shooting games with Move Controllers are like an advanced version of Light Gun games, while those that use the Dualshock 4 feel very disorienting, especially when replacing the headset for the aiming of the right joystick.

I am in no way saying that VR gaming is going to fail and that it can not exist.  However I do not think it will overtake traditional gaming anytime soon, if ever (does anyone think it will?).  I do believe it can exist with it’s own market, and it’s own style of games in a way that is similar to the mobile market.  VR games seem like they’ll be explored by the indies, and then if the big money opportunities arise, the big companies will get involved.  Accessibility into VR gaming is much more of a hurdle than mobile gaming, everyone has a Smartphone, but that’s not the case for VR headsets.   Eventually over time more people will end up with VR units for purposes other than gaming.  Functionalities like 360degree movies, live events, and social aspects will really open up the potential for VR, which will eventually lead to more people participating in VR gaming.

I’m concerned that the PSVR is sold out at most places, but it’s very quiet without a hype or buzz around it.  I don’t see the demand or craze that is currently happening with Classic NES’, or other items in the past.  I don’t really see talk about when and where a restock is happening, I don’t see it listed as a Hot XMas Gift like the Classic NES, Hatchimals and PS4Pro.  Where is the hype?  I’m starting to get a feeling that Sony just put out the PSVR so they could be the first console to market with VR support, then if VR ever takes off, Sony is already there.  I don’t get the feeling that Sony is pushing or even in the driving seat for VR being the next big thing.  They recently had the Playstation Experience 2016 and I feel like almost nothing came out of it in regards to the PSVR.  They unveiled plenty of titles and information for the next year and beyond for the PS4, but was there anything new for PSVR

I’ve experienced the PSVR, it’s a cool piece of hardware, but I feel like it’s just going to sit in the corner and collect dust just like other peripherals.  Outside of Resident Evil 7, I don’t see anything in the next year that interests me on VR.   The big studios seem uninterested, even the Call of Duty Jackal Assault VR and Star Wars Battlefront VR missions were under 20 minutes and boring.  Once the novelty of being in a 3D world wears off, all of the games seem very shallow.  I sold my PSVR and all of my games used, and was able to actually make a profit, I figured this was a good time to get out.   I would much rather spend that money on a Nintendo Switch, more games, or even a PS4Pro.  If the PSVR manages to get a must-have game and gets a big break through, I will consider buying back in.


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