Video Games That Should Die

There are some video game franchises I used to really enjoy, but nowadays I’ve gotten so uninterested in them or sick of them I’m ready for them to die off.   I understand some people may like some of these games, and some people might still have interest in them but I think with these franchises I’ve reached my end with them.   If any of these franchises re-gain my interest it’s going to have to take something very new or innovative from them, they might have to “re-invent” themselves.   Anyways here is my list of franchises I’m sick of.

Rayman Raving Rabbids – I don’t have a problem with mini-game collections, I actually enjoy a few of them.  I played own and enjoyed the first 2 Raving Rabbids games when they came out, it was a new mini-game series by the Rayman creators…I can get down with that.
But now it’s 10 years later and they’ve made 9 different Raving Rabbids games, that’s overkill.   Who the hell keeps buying or green-lighting these games?   I’ve had enough, I had enough awhile ago and I don’t think there is anything they could ever do to regain my interest.


Saints Row – I spent most of my time with Saints Row 2, 3 & 4, I believe I even got all of the achievements in the 3rd and 4th. But now, I don’t think Saints Row could interest me.  While I did enjoy the humor, a lot of the fun was screwing around and exploring the open world.  I just recently finished playing Just Cause 3, and it’s dawned on me that simply screwing around in an open world isn’t that amusing to me any more.  I need better missions, more depth, the appeal of a huge open world playground is gone.   Unfortunately I think that was Saints Row’s biggest draw, and I don’t think I’ll really give Saints Row 5 a look unless it’s something drastically different.


Gears of War – I bought the original Gears with my XBox 360 and I loved it, I also picked up Gears of War 2, and loved that.  By the time I got to Gears of War 3 though, I was starting to get a little tired of the series, it was becoming all the same.   The story has reached the point of of uninteresting to me, and the combat has been duplicated in plenty of other games.  Already feeling that I had my fill of Gears of War games I completely skipped Gears of War Judgement.   Gears of War 4 seems like it is another game in the series I could pass up, especially with Epic Games not being involved.   Maybe I’m wrong though,  I think out of any games on this list,  Gears has the best shot of re-gaining my interest.


Batman Arkham Series – I absolutely loved Batman Arkham Asylum (my favorite one), Arkham City was also fantastic when it came out too.  As we all know, Rocksteady brought us the best Batman games ever (probably the best comic book character games too).  Origins (not by Rocksteady) was a bit of a cash-in on the success of the previous titles, and it wasn’t bad.  But Arkham Knight was the last one I think I can take, the last time I can generate some hype or interest for the series.   Sometimes when games aren’t spaced out enough (Batman, Gears, etc) they start to blend together to me, and 4 games in 6 years I think killed the Bat for me.  Arkham Knight tried to introduce new Batmobile mechanics, but it felt forced and like it held the game back more than anything…but without it, it would’ve felt like an expansion pack for Arkham City.  This told me that I have had enough of the Batman Arkham series.  Fortunately, it seems like the Batman Arkham Series story line is over.

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