Nintendo Direct (11/12/15) – Info & Opinion




Last week Nintendo held it’s first Nintendo Direct in almost 6 months.  I tried to make predictions and expectations, some of them came true but the majority didn’t.  Speculating is half of the fun of these things though!  Anyways here is a re-cap of everything that was announced, new updates, new titles, new release dates, etc.  Plus some opinion thrown in there too!


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD w/Wolf Link amiibo – There were rumors already going around about the existence of a Twilight Princess HD remake. A lot of us thought it was going to be digital only, as a collector I’m glad to see it’s getting a physical release. I’m sure the bundled in amiibo is to help justify pushing the price up to $59.99 but it looks pretty cool so I’m not complaining!

Zelda Wii U Clip – Nothing much shown here, just re-confirmation that the next Zelda is still planned for the Wii U in 2016, maybe people will stop speculating that it’s going to be NX only now.

Tri Force Heroes Update – A new update releaseing on December 2nd was announced. This update will add the “Den of Trials” which is a new area with 30+ stages.   You and your team must defeat every enemy in the stage to advance, there will be checkpoints placed through the stages though. 

The update also includes 2 additional new outfits:

  • Linebeck’s Uniform – Allows you to see inside of treasure chests
  • Fierce Deity Armor – which increases attack power and shoots beams in 4 different directions

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon – A new trailer showing off the gameplay of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was played. I really haven’t had much interest in the game personally, but it did look fun by the trailer.  Maybe when I’m done with Yo-Kai Watch I can make time for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Splatoon Update– New Updates were announced adding new Stages, Gear and Gameplay Balances all for free. Nintendo also announced a new website coming soon that will track stats better for Splatoon, and an upcoming Treehouse Splatournament.   It’s great to see these updates still happening for free.

The Stages looked interesting:

    • Mahi-Mahi Resort has a high water level making maneuvering through the platforms more difficult, then as the match gets towards the end the water level will lower and more paintable area will appear to make a crazy finish.

Museum d’Alfonsino

      is full of revolving doors and platforms. Being able to climb a platform and spray around the level as the platform rotates seems like it will add something other maps currently don’t have.   I’m sure it’ll be a constant fight to control the platforms.

Super Mario Maker Portal Website/Mobile – Coming in December will be a portable website useable from the computer or mobile that will allow you to search for Super Mario Maker levels easier and add them to your que of levels you want to play when you go on the Wii U.   This seems like an excellent interface that will make sharing levels much easier.

Animal Crossing amiibo Festival Trailer – Another trailer showing for the most part everything we already know/knew

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Trailer – Showed off another trailer, nothing really exceptional here. They explained amiibo functionality. The player will basically be able to train up an amiibo player for doubles and take them online, that at least sounds pretty cool.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer – Nothing new here, just another Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer. I am ready for this game to just come out!! Very excited!

Nintendo Badge Arcade – This looks cool, I like the Nintendo icons and the way you can customize your 3DS menu but there’s no way I’m even risking getting sucked into paying for icons and theme items for my 3DS.   This looks like digital amiibo and isn’t worth spending any money on, especially when it’s a gamble to even get what you want.

Pokemon Picross – Picross is always fun, and the use of the Pokemon characters looks pretty cool. I’m curious how much we’ll get to play for free as it is “free to start”. It is supposed to release on the 3DS eShop in Early December

eShop 2015 Upcoming Releases
Steamworld Heist (3DS) – This looks good, but currently doesn’t interest me. Should it? Release date is “Holiday 2015”


Fast Racing Neo (Wii U) – I’m buying this as soon as it comes out. I hope this fills the void of not having a new F-Zero games. I hope I’m not getting too high of expectations for this one. Release date is Early December.

Typo Man (Wii U) Never heard of this game until the Nintendo Direct and it’s almost out. If it gets positive reviews I think I’m going to pick it up, it looks interesting and refreshing. Out now!

Yo-Kai Watch Skit – Bill Trinen was a part of a Yo-Kai Watch skit with Reggie (Bill! BILL!! BILL!!!!!) it was amusing. But didn’t tell much regarding the game (which I’m currently playing and enjoying)

Next Reggie re-capped the recent releases for the 3DS & Wii U plus a couple of upcoming releases.

Recently Released

  • Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer HD
  • Triforce Heroes
  • Yo-Kai Watch
  • Yoshi Wooly World

Upcoming Releases:

  • Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – November 20th
  • Animal Crossing amiibo Festival – November 13th (Released Now)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X – December 4th
  • Devil’s Third – December 11th (wow they actually mentioned it!!)

Also announced was a new bundle for the Wii U including Smash Bros & Splatoon.   Black Friday sales were mentioned, but no specific prices announced.   Looking at Black Friday sales it looks like it’ll be going for as low as $249.99     Also a 3DS XL Bundled with Super Mario 3D Land was announced in relation to Black Friday deals, and that is showing up around $129.99 at retailers.

amiibo Release Dates – Nintendo announced the line-up and release date for the 2nd Wave of Animal Crossing amiibo figures: Resetti, Celeste, Kicks and Blathers will release on January 22nd 2016, alongside Animal Crossing Cards – Series 2 and Lucas from the Super Smash Bros series

Pokken Tournament – Was shown off with a trailer and a release date of Spring 2016. The game actually looks like a pretty fun Pokemon Fighter and seems like a good mix with Tekken style combat. First production run’s will receive a bonus Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card which will unlock Shadow Mewtwo as a playable character in-game.

Star Fox Zero – Got a new release date of April 22nd and looks like some new fun with traditional Star Fox game play. I am very excited for this release, I played it back at E3 and enjoyed it. Already have my copy pre-ordered

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam – Release date announced for January 22nd and will use functionality with the Super Mario Bros series of amiibo. Can’t wait for this, looks like a good addition to the Mario & Luigi series!

Final Fantasy Explorers – This game surprised me, the online multiplayer looks like it has potential to be an addicting RPG style game to play with friends. I might have to put a pre-order in on this…especially the collector’s edition. Release Date January 26

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest, Revelations & Collector’s Edition – This one immediately takes my money, I already have the Collector’s Edition Pre-Ordered. I love the Fire Emblem series and being able to snag a collector’s edition series and all 3 of this games on one cartridge is huge.   Feb 19th release date!

Mega Man Legacy Collection – I love Mega Man, and already own all of these games, the originals and some as re-releases. I was going to pass this up, but now that there is a Gold Mega Man amiibo, it looks like I’m going to get suckered into this too. Release Date February 23rd

Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow re-released on 3DS – I never played the originals, and probably won’t pick these up. I heard the price is $9.99 apiece which seems expensive. It’s cool though for anyone interested.

Hyrule Warriors – A March 25th Release date was announced along with a new trailer and a new character. That new character is “Linkle” a female looking Link. I already have this game on Wii U and I’m not particularly interested in it on 3DS or Linkle.

Bravely Second: End Layer – Briefly mentioned, Spring 2016 release date announced. I still need to get around to playing the original!

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past & Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King – Finally being re-released onto the 3DS, I’m looking forward to both of them! VII releases in Summer 2016 while VIII is just scheduled for “2016”


Other 2016 Releases
Hive Jump (Wii U – eShop) – This comes out in Early 2016 and looks pretty fun. I have never heard of it before but I am pretty interested in it.
Kerbal Space Program (Wii U – eShop) – This is an Early 2016 release and it doesn’t look very good or interesting in my opinion. It looks like a tech demo.

Mighty No 9 – February 16th Wii U Release and a Q2 Release for 3DS.   I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was originally announced. Hopefully it meets the expectations.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers – Releasing on January 26, 2016 for Wii U & 3DS. It does not really interest me but I’m sure it will interest some.

Project X Zone 2 – I’m excited for this one, I will definitely be picking it up, but I don’t know if I’ll have time when it released on February 6th. I still need to get caught up on the first one!!

Terarria – Cool game, nothing new though. Releasing Early 2016 for 3DS & Wii U


And a new Challenger Approaches….Cloud from Final Fantasy VII!! – I never played FFVII so I’m not that familiar with Cloud but the character, move set and new stage all look great!


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