Nintendo Direct Predictions – November 2015


Within the next 24 hours Nintendo will release it’s first Nintendo Direct since E3 and the first one since Satoru Iwata passed away.  This is the longest gap between Nintendo Directs since they started.  I figured this was a good time to try and speculate on what is going to be discussed and announced.

New Super Smash Bros DLC/Character – The ballots recently closed for voting on a new character for Super Smash Bros on Wii U & 3DS, so I’m guessing Nintendo will be announcing the results.  My guess is that Shovel Knight will be the new announced character, Yacht Club Games campaigned for it, their is an amiibo coming out soon and Nintendo “accidentally” listed Smash Bros support for the Shovel Knight amiibo.  Based on other rumors and opinions if Shovel Knight isn’t the winner then I’m guessing it’s King K. Rool or a character from previous Smash Bros games.

Other DLC – Nintendo would’ve loved to have had Star Fox Zero out for the holidays but it got pushed back, they can’t rush out a new retail game to fill-in for Star Fox but maybe they could surprise us with new Mario Kart DLC.  Maybe even Mario Kart DLC with a Star Fox character (or two), a Star Fox theme course, a Landmaster Kart and Arwing Kart (or Glider).  This sounds too cool and makes too much sense, as it would help hype me up for a new Star Fox just like those F-Zero courses have me itching for a new F-Zero.

If not Mario Kart DLC, then what about some new DLC content for Splatoon?  More than their standard updates, something similar to the August update, or possibly some new characters or single player additions?  I imagine at some point Nintendo is going to release some Splatoon add-on that’s going to cost money.

Yoshi’s Wooly World has been out in Europe and Japan since June, so it’s possible they could be pretty far along on some DLC for that even though it just released in the US.  And then of course there’s the possibility of a DLC pack of new tools for Super Mario Maker.  I’ll be happy if any of these come true (probably happiest with Mario Kart though!)

New Unannounced Games – At the Nintendo Investor’s meeting a few weeks back they mentioned that they still had some unannounced games (plural) for 2015, rumors and speculation have us expecting a Twilight Princess HD Remake, possibly being released as soon as the Nintendo Direct is over.  It also appears PEGI rated a Minecraft for Wii U that releases on 11/12/15 so that seems like another highly possibly unannounced game (probably digital only…at least at first).  There’s also a big list of rumored/leaked Virtual Console games floating around, including some Wii Games…maybe we’ll hear more about those?   Maybe some new unknown eShop game? There’s a possibility Mario & Luigi Paper Jam could slide into a December release for 3DS in NA since EU retailers are listing a December release date and that was expected to be a Spring 2016 release.  We’ll have to see I guess. I hope a digital only Zelda remake gets a fair price (no more than $30 please), especially if I get suckered into buying the digital now and the physical at a later release.

Details on Known Upcoming 2015 Releases – I’m expecting us to get a more in-depth look at Animal Crossing amiibo Festival, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, and Xenoblade Chronicles X…maybe even the recently release Yo-Kai Watch for 3DS too.  Nintendo will/should probably take this opportunity to remind people of the releases that are here now or coming very soon, give people  some more exposure to those games.  I would like to see Nintendo even talk about Devil’s Third for once, even if it is supposed to be mediocre.

Follow-Up and Details on Early 2016 Releases – I don’t expect anything too in-depth here but maybe we’ll get some more details on Star Fox Zero and it’s progress, see some more about Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (if it is a 2016 release),  Fire Emblem Fates?  Maybe an English title for Genei Ibun Roku #FE?  Miyamoto recently said Pikmin 4 was done (you almost never hear stuff like that so early before a game is confirmed) maybe we see something about that?

My Nintendo Details – In December Nintendo is supposed to start sending out the Mario 30th Pin set from the Best Buy Pre-Order program.  When I talked to a Nintendo rep at the Mario Maker event at Best Buy they said Nintendo would be sending out redeem codes to the people that pre-ordered 2 of the qualifying games, they would then have to redeem the codes through a Nintendo program (similar to Club Nintendo) to get the pins.  From the investor meeting a few weeks ago it sounds like Nintendo delayed Miimoto in order to give them time to build up and promote “My Nintendo” and the service along with the game before it’s release.  Along with the plans for the pins being released through this platform, I don’t see why Nintendo can’t start getting “My Nintendo” off the ground now.

Iwata Tribute – I’m sure some sort of tribute to Iwata will be present.



Again this is all rumor and speculation and I have no clue if any of this is what we’ll see.  I tried to keep things more realistic and avoid just creating a wish list.  I will follow up with thoughts and feelings after the Nintendo Direct.  Hope you enjoyed!  If you have anything to add or speculate on please go ahead and comment below or tweet me @TheGamerPad

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