Playstation 4 Launch Preview


Earlier in the year I picked Playstation 4 as my most likely system for the “next-gen”, before it was even unveiled.  Now here we are, just 2 weeks away from the Playstation 4 Launch.  My pre-order has been in since June but now I’ve got to start figuring out the games I want to buy and the ones I may want to just rent.  I like trying out the system exclusives, so i can really see what experiences I can only get on that specific system.  There are also games currently available on the Wii U/PS3/360 that I think I’m looking forward to experiencing on the Playstation 4 to see how far the gap is between generations.  Target is supposed to be having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on games the week of the PS4 Launch, and that might change some of these “rentals” into a “purchase”

ac4bannerAssassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Rental I feel obligated to support the Wii U and would’ve picked this up on Wii U over the 360 or PS3, but the PS4 version should clearly be the best.  I’m in no rush to purchase this game though, I still haven’t played Assassin’s Creed Revelations or Assassin’s Creed III.  I’ll eventually get around to those other Assassin Creed games and then I’ll rent ACIV (or purchase it if it’s cheap by the time I get around to it).  If AC IV gets high praise and reinvents the franchise, then I may just skip past AC:R & AC III so I can play some next-gen Assassin’s Creedbar2

bf4bannerBattlefield 4 – PurchaseI loved Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and was really hyped for Battlefield 3’s release, however when BF3 came out I ended up not playing that much of it.  I’m not too pumped up or excited about Battlefield 4, but I know when it comes out I’ll get sucked into it and hooked.  Playing it on the Playstation 4 will let me see the high quality graphics and environments PC gamers got to enjoy in BF3 while I was playing on 360.  I’m sure I’ll sink a lot of time into this one.

kzbannerKillzone: Shadow Fall – Purchase I only played the Killzone on PSP, which wasn’t a first person shooter, so I really have no prior experience with the “real” Killzone games.  Since this is a Playstation 4 Exclusive and I’ve always had an interest in Killzone (would love to get the Trilogy on PS3) I figure I have to pick this up.  In a strange, but logical way, purchasing this game will help justify purchasing the Playstation 4 at launch.  I didn’t want to pick up a a new system and purchase a bunch of games available on systems I already own, and I figured I needed to pick up a game unavailable for the XBone, so Killzone becomes a “must-have”.  Hopefully it plays like a must-have and will make me feel glad to have a Playstation 4.

knackbannerKnack – Purchase This game seems very interesting, my kind of game, some sort of a hybrid of Katamari, a loot-drop game and a platformer.  Sony’s exclusives seem to be of high quality and I have enjoyed those that I have played on the Playstation 3, so I’m not afraid of trying out a new Sony franchise.   Since Knack is a Playstation 4 exclusive it also falls under the same logic as Killzone.  With it being a system exclusive, it helps justify my reasoning and belief that I needed to buy a Playstation 4 in the first place.  Another instance of me hoping it plays like a must-have and makes my Playstation purchase worth it. bar2

maddenbannerMadden 25 – Rental I already have this on 360, I’ve already started a season and I don’t know if I’m ready to throw it all away at this point for the PS4 version.  I want to rent this game first and check it out, if it seems like a significant upgrade over the 360 version I will end up selling off my 360 copy and buying this on Playstation 4.  There’s even a chance I get wrapped up in the PS4 hype so much, I just decide to do this even without a significant jump in features or visuals.  This isn’t reason enough to buy a Playstation 4 though, and that’s why I put higher priority purchases over this. bar2

nba2kbannerNBA 2K14 / NBA Live 14 – Rental I’m unsure of which one I’ll get, I’m curious to see how NBA Live’s return does.  NBA Live was built ground up for the next-gen systems so I’m really expecting visuals to be better than that of NBA 2K which already looks great on current gen.  Over the past couple of years I have grown tired of NBA 2K and am not as impressed as others have been, it has actually killed my interest in 5 on 5 basketball games.   If Live turns out to impress me and feels fun, there is a good chance I’ll purchase it, especially if I find it at a good price.  If NBA Live doesn’t impress, then I most likely will just stick to rentals of NBA 2K, I can’t see myself purchasing NBA 2K14 unless I need a PS4 basketball fix and it drops to $20 or below before 2K15.

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