Upcoming 2013 Releases – Part Two


I previously listed the upcoming 2013 releases I had my eye on, but my list only included games from August & September.  The following is my list of games from October through the end of the year that I am planning on purchasing or at least watching closely (then probably purchasing).  I didn’t include Playstation 4 games (those will be included in my PS4 Preview).  And this unfortunately was posted after the release of Wind Waker & Pokemon X/Y, but still thought it was worth including.  Any games that I forgot to mention or you recommend I should check out?  Comment below or contact me @TheGamerPad on Twitter.


windwakerbannerThe Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker – 10/4 – I wasn’t too excited about this game, and really wasn’t in a rush to shell out $50 for it either.  The straw that broke my back was Nintendo’s Official Limited Edition Gannondorf Figure pack-in GameStop exclusively carried.  I dragged my feet on pre-ordering it, and it sold out, which made my chances of getting the game sink.  When GameStop restocked it a week before release, I grabbed one and suddenly I’m excited to replay Wind Waker in HD.  Funny how the pack-in got me more excited about the game than the game itself.


pokemonbannerPokemon X/Y – 10/12 – I’ve only played one Pokemon before, and that was Pokemon Ruby.  Even then, I played it in one marathon session for around 6hours in my first time playing the game.  I was hooked, until I put it down, I never played it or any Pokemon ever again.  It was definitely a fun game and reminded me of other games I love, I’m not even sure why I never picked the game back up.  Every other Pokemon since then has looked like the same thing, but this new one looks like the series has taken the next step the series needed.  I’m imagining, and hoping, Pokemon X/Y advances the franchises as much as New Leaf recently did for Animal Crossing.   Might not buy this at release, but I have my eye on it.


batmanwiibannerBatman: Arkham Origins – 10/25 – I’m somewhat skeptical of this game, as it’s not by Rocksteady, it might not live up to the expectations City & Asylum have set.  However, I believe it will still be a pretty good game, and Batman is always a fun character to play as.   I’m going with the Wii U version because from this point on, it’ll be a more accessible/go-to console than my 360 or PS3.  Wii U’s version doesn’t have multiplayer, but the $10 lower MSRP is more valuable to me since I’m not expecting much from the multiplayer.   Arkham City & Arkham Asylum are two of my favorite games from this generation, so if Arkham Origins is anywhere close, I’ll be very happy.


batman3dsbannerBatman: Arkham Origins Black Gate – 10/25 – This has potential to be better than the console game, the previews and information I’ve read on this version have been very positive.  The developers seem pretty passionate about the project and are going for a Super Metroid style of game play.  If any game is being based around the design of Super Metroid, it has my attention.  I’m really hoping this one reaches its potential, it could be one of the best 3DS games of the year.  Still might see what the reviews/public opinion is on this game before I put $40 into it.


wiipartybannerWii Party U – 10/25 – Party games with my wife, friends and family are becoming more common at our house, and that’s mainly because of the Wii U.  NintendoLand, specifically Mario Chase is consistently fun, every time, with anyone.  Game & Wario was another great follow-up, the drawing/Pictionary style game always entertains us.  I would love to see more games like this, done with the quality or polish as other “real” video games.  The party games usually come off as a quick cash-in, but when done right they can provide some of the best multiplayer experiences.   I was still somewhat on the fence for this, but it includes a Wiimote with Motion Plus Built-In (which I don’t have) and had a $40 price tag at NewEgg which made this a sure thing.


sonicbannerSonic Lost World – 10/29 – Sonic has fooled me a few times and that has me hesitant to pick this one up, at least right away.  Sonic games in a 360degree world have been disappointing for the most part, even the first few Sonic Adventures didn’t appeal that much to me.  I always felt like I was sitting back on rails watching the game play itself, and all the elements of the 2D Sonic games were missing.  Sonic Generations did a good job with the 2D Levels and even the 360degree ones too, that was the last Sonic I played.   I’ve also heard Sonic Colors was a good one, and the Generations/Colors team is the one responsible for Lost World.  So there is hope, and if the game gets good reviews and public opinion, I’ll probably pick it up.  As of now, this might be a rental for me to make my own decision.  This applies to both Wii U & 3DS versions.

ratcherbannerRatchet & Clank: Into The Nexus – 11/12/13 –
I’ve only played 1 Ratchet & Clank game and that was All 4 One, which I played earlier this year.   I was very impressed with it, and I’m curious to see what else is in the franchise/series.  There are plenty from the past I have missed out on which can be found cheap, so I will probably be able to wait on getting this right away.  However the $29.99 release price has me pretty interested from the start.  Always looking for more games on the Playstation 3 to play.


mariosonicbannerMario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 – 11/15/13 – My wife is a bigger fan of the Olympic Games series than I am, but I had a lot of fun playing the Londom games with her and friends. This latest one wasn’t really even on my radar and I had forgot about it until a recent Nintendo Direct showed it off. The addition of online play has grabbed my attention, and now I’m more interested in this one than I’ve ever been for any in the series.  It’s online looks similar to that of Mario Kart Wii so I’m really hoping for a great online experience.  For $60 the game comes bundled with a light blue Wiimote with built in motion plus, I will be picking this up on release.


zeldabannerThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – 11/22/13 – This has potential to be my Game of the Year and I keep forgetting that it’s just around the corner.  A Link To The Past is my favorite Zelda game of all-time and somewhere in my Top 3 – 5 games of all time.  Zelda games almost always deliver, even with gigantic expectations.  I plan on sinking a lot of time into this right at release and this becomes by go-to game until I complete it.  I’ll be very surprised if anything else gets single player play time over this.


mario3dbannerSuper Mario 3D World – 11/22/13 – If A Link Between Worlds is sucking up my single player game time, I expect Super Mario 3D World to suck up all my co-op game time.  This also has potential to be my game of the year, I am a huge Mario fan and the more I see of this game the more excited I get for it’s release.  I was initially disappointed this wasn’t Super Mario Galaxy 3 or something similar, but I never questioned it’s quality level.  This will be a great Wii U game and Nintendo should have 2 huge hits on their hands this holiday between Mario on Wii U and Zelda on 3DS.

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