Most Wanted NES Games on Virtual Console


Nintendo finally released Earthbound on the Virtual Console for Wii U, gamers have been demanding this ever since the Virtual Console system for the original Wii was announced.  This made me start to think of some of my most wanted Virtual Console games, specifically, ones that I think would possibly be overlooked.  I eliminated games that had been previously released on the Wii Virtual console, as they’re still available to be played on the Wii U.  Another factor in my “want” is the rarity of the physical copies, a few retro games carry a heavy price tag and a cheap Virtual Console release would be my better option. I tried to also figure out the odds of these games being released, based on different factors. Anyways, the following are my Most Wanted NES Games on Virtual Console.

Any games I’m overlooking or didn’t think of? Do you have a Most Wanted Virtual Console list?  Leave a Comment Below or Tweet @TheGamerPad

Ducktales 2
– I wasn’t even aware of the existence of a Ducktales 2 until a few years ago, it was released late in the life of the NES and is actually a valuable/rare game that collector’s seek.  I’ve looked into it a few times and the price is usually $100+ for the cartridge alone.   Reviews were favorable of the game and said it’s more of the same as the original Ducktales (I don’t think that’s a bad thing).  Seeing how Capcom still has the video game rights to Ducktales, as they are publishing the remastered original, I think it’d be a great idea for them to re-release Ducktales 2 on Virtual Console.  A simple port of the NES title is all that is required, I would love to pick this up for $5 or so and play it on Wii U instead of spending $100+ for the NES cartridge right now.  This also puts money in Capcom’s pocket that they would not be making off the $100+ sale on eBay.

Odds of it happening – Highly Possible As mentioned before Capcom still has the publishing rights to Ducktales video game properties, and if the Remastered Ducktales turns out to be a success it’s possible they decide to re-release or remaster Ducktales 2 to further cash in on the success.



R.C. Pro-Am II  – I think everyone has fond memories of R.C. Pro-Am, it was one of the best (if not the best) racing games on the NES.  Like other games on this list, I was not aware that this sequel existed until recently.  R.C. Pro-Am II goes for about $50 on eBay, so there is some sort of rarity and demand out there for this game.  R.C. Pro-Am II received mixed reviews, while considered to be an improvement over the original in almost every way, some critics thought the improvements weren’t enough for a sequel 5 years later.  However, Nintendo Power named R.C. Pro-Am II the Best NES Game of 1993, over other titles such as Battletoads & Double Dragon, and Kirby’s Adventure.  Overall  this sequel looks to be the better version of R.C. Pro-Am, so for a retro gamer, this would be the one you’d hope to play today.

Odds of it happening Not Likely Considering the original was a pretty big hit and it never made it’s way to Wii’s Virtual Console…that doesn’t bode well for the lesser-known sequel.  R.C. Pro Am was also developed by Rare so that could also bring difficulties in getting a Virtual Console port similar to Killer Instinct or Battletoads.



Contra Force – This is a hard to find, valuable Contra that was released late on the NES.  Contra Force was actually a cancelled game from Japan that was rebranded as a Contra spin-off title for North America.  I don’t know if I’ve ever played this game, or it was that I saw someone play this game (I know a friend had it) but my impression was that it was not near the quality level of Contra, Super C or Contra III: The Alien Wars.  Looking at reviews of it, my impression seemed to be correct.  Even if this isn’t as great of a game as the classics, it is still something I’d like to be able to play without having to spend the $50 on eBay for the original cartridge.  The game play is supposedly sluggish, especially in comparison to the fast paced action of Contra games.  The player can also switch between 3 different characters all with their own strengths, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only old-school gamer, Contra fan, or 2D shooter nut that would like to get another shot to play this.

Odds of it happening Not Likely   Contra doesn’t have a perfect track record, there are a few releases that are considered bad spots in the game’s history, Contra Force is one of them.  Konami most likely would only want to re-release the most successful and acclaimed games from the franchise first.  If Konami ever re-released all of the more sought after Contra’s and they all succeeded with a high-demand for more…then Contra Force becomes a real possibility.  As of now, I think this will remain as a forgotten Contra.



Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers 2   – I know Ducktales 2 is already on the list, and is similar in the sense it’s a Disney/Capcom game, but Chip ‘N’ Dale was co-op platforming fun.  Just because it is in Ducktales’ shadow doesn’t mean it should be ignored, it is a classic game…well the original is at least.  I didn’t know this sequel existed until right now, I was going to put the original Chip ‘N’ Dale on this list until I discovered the sequels January ’94 release (only 2 years away from the N64’s release!).   Reviews praise Chip N Dale 2 just as high as the original, and the cartridge goes for $150+ on eBay.  Now I really want this on the Virtual Console, more so than the original.

Odds of it happening – Possible  I would assume the success of Ducktales Remastered is a pretty important indicator if we’ll ever see this game come to Virtual Console.  It also depends if Capcom has the rights to re-release all of their past Disney games, or just Ducktales. I’d imagine Ducktales 2 has a higher chance of seeing release than Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers or the sequel.  However if Ducktales Remastered sells well, and they push out Ducktales 2, and it is also a success…I imagine Chip N Dale can’t be too far behind.



Tiny Toon Adventures  – Maybe this was just me, but I loved Tiny Toon Adventures for NES when I was a kid.  It has been a while since I have played this game, but I remember it as a bit of a Super Mario Bros 3 clone, but it was very well done.  You were able to play as different characters throughout the game which was pretty cool and added to the variety.  I don’t really remember seeing others mention this game as a Top NES title, but it was stuck with me as a fun game.  I know Konami has bigger games such as Metal Gear (almost listed it) that still need to make their way onto the Virtual Console, but that almost seems inevitable.  I want what I can’t have.

Odds of it happening – Possible –  This kind of goes back to the Ducktales Remastered thing, it’s a different company and a different license but there are similarities.  If Konami see’s Ducktales Remastered become a profitable success for Capcom, then they might want to start picking up some of their older NES games for re-release, even if that means renewing partnerships with other companies (Warner Bros in this case).  I don’t expect most, if anyone following Ducktales Remastered’s success to go through as much work remastering games, but some 8Bit – 16bit ports should be simple enough for them to turn a profit.  If Ducktales Remastered fails, then this becomes nearly impossible, if that fails, Tiny Toon’s surely would too.


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