Wii U Launch Preview

I’m a huge Nintendo fan, and I supported the Wii, GameCube and Nintendo64 strong at launch, so the Wii U wasn’t going to be any different.  I pre-ordered my Wii U (32GB) shortly after Nintendo unveiled the price and release date, then I started sorting through titles I wanted to pre-order for the launch.  So far I’ve pre-ordered a good amount, I’m unsure if I will actually end up purchasing all of them, some I’ll probably cancel if they get weak reviews/feedback.  Newegg had a promotion for $15 off $60 pre-orders, $12 off $50 pre-orders and $10 off $40 pre-orders, and I took advantage of this.   The following is the list of games I pre-ordered.

007 Legends ($45) – I have played almost every James Bond game that has been released since GoldenEye, and I can’t think of one that I didn’t enjoy (sure some weren’t great, but had their moments).  I’ve always preferred James Bond games on Nintendo consoles, I guess just for the nostalgia factor, but I chose to get this on Wii U since it’ll give me something different to play on the system.  If I were to get it for 360, it would get buried behind Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed III & Resident Evil 6.   Even if this receives weak reviews, I’m sure I’ll still stick with it.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii U ($45) – While I personally don’t like the idea of a 2D Platformer as Nintendo’s launch title on their new “powerful” system, it is still a Mario title, so it will be anywhere between good and classic.  There’s no chance I’m not getting this, even if I’m wishing it were a new Galaxy style Mario, it is what it is, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, probably more than anything else on the Wii U at first.

Nintendo Land – I probably would’ve bought this separately if it wasn’t included Deluxe Set, so I’m happy to get this in the bundle.  Really I don’t see why anyone would get the Basic Set over the Deluxe Set, for the $50 extra you get this game which looks to be the “next” Wii Sports (only looks more appealing in my opinion), the larger hard drive and the other extras.   Hopefully this will be the hit that Wii Sports was, I’m sure this will be the best game to show off the uses of the Game Pad.

Rayman Legends ($38) – I really enjoyed Rayman Origins when I rented it, I eventually ended up buying it.  But Rayman Origins convinced me that I was gonna have to check out Legends when the Wii U Launched (Legends was already announced by the time I played Origins).  I’m worried Rayman Legends is going to get buried in the competition of New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, especially since I think it has a chance of being better than NSMBWU.  I’m pretty excited to see the creative things the dev team designs for the Game pad.

Scribblenauts Unlimited ($38) – My fiance & I have never plyed a Scribblenauts game, we’ve always been interested and just never got around to playing one.  She saw some stuff on Scribblenauts Unlimited and said this was the one she wanted to check out, so I put the pre-order down and hopefully it’s a good one.  We’ll be checking reviews and impressions as it gets close to release, if the overall opinion seems to say it’s not much better than the DS versions, we might cancel this and just check out the originals.

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed ($30) – The original Sonic All Stars Racing on 360/PS3/Wii was awesome, very under-rated. My fiance and I were hooked on it for 360 when we got it, we ended up beating it entirely, getting 1000/1000 of the achievements, played all the modes and did all their was to do.  Mario Kart Wii took a backseat to the original Sonic Allstar, so as soon as this was available I pre-ordered it from newegg, especially at this price

ZombiU ($45) – This game worries me, it has the potential and promise to be a big title for the Wii U to show off the unique features of the controller and catch the attention of the “hard-core” gamers.  Ubisoft has designed this game all around the concept of the Game Pad controls and it’s one of the third party developers to work on the Wii U, so it’s been in development for a while.  So why does ZombiU worry me?  Because I remember all of the missed potential and broken promise from another Ubisoft launch game, Red Steel.  Red Steel was a huge disappointment with ideas not fully fleshed out, struggling controls, and what appeared to be a title rushed out to meet launch.  I’m really hoping ZombiU doesn’t repeat this, if it starts to get any consistent negative coverage near the launch, I will cancel it and just use GameFly.

Don’t Forget These

Pikmin 3 ($45) – I actually pre-ordered this one, so it should be on the list above, but it doesn’t have a release date.  I’m not even sure it’s coming out this year.  I love the Pikmin series, so I’m very excited to have a new entry in the series.  However,  I’m very disappointed this isn’t a day one title, but as you can see by the list above, I’ll have more than enough to keep me occupied.

The Wonderful 101 – I haven’t pre-ordered this one yet, but I will once it gets a more solid release date.  Besides NSMBWU and Pikmin 3, this was the game I was looking forward to the most.  I can’t wait to get more info on this, and I’m really hoping this game is released before the end of the year, the sooner the better.  This should be one of the stronger titles on the Wii U in this launch window.

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