Favorite Games – Virtual Boy Top 5

Since I recently bought Teleroboxer, I decided to go through my Virtual Boy Collection.  While playing most of the titles, I commented on twitter @thegamerpad what I was playing and the progress I made.  Interesting enough, after I had played Virtual Boy for a few days I developed an ear infection (I don’t know if that’s related) and a Top 5 List.   The following Top 5 are based on the game I have played and own.

#1 – Wario Land – This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Most people claim this is the best Virtual Boy game, and it’s not hard to see why.  Most other Virtual Boy games are puzzle games, or shorter games that can be completed in 30 – 60 minutes.  Wario Land however is a full adventure/platforming game that really makes good use of the Virtual Boy’s 3D Technology.  The game is similar to the Wario Land series on the Game Boy, but the most unique part is that you can jump in and out of the background (see 3:48 on this video for example).  Games like Donkey Kong Country Returns (and I think New Super Mario Bros) have used that idea in recently, but Wario Land was the first, and in 3D!  A lot of people missed out on Wario Land for Virtual Boy, and since it is a full game (14 Levels) it would be nice to see it remade for 3DS or the e-Shop.

#2 – Teleroboxer – I’m a big Punch-Out!! fan, and this is basically Punch-Out!! with Robots.  I played this when I was younger, and just recently purchased it and got to play it again.  Before replaying, I had read impressions around the internet that the difficulty ramps up too quickly and the controls are difficult.  I have no clue what those complaints are about, I was able to get through all of the fighters in about 30 minutes.  I got hung up on one opponent that is a ticking time bomb you must beat in under 50 seconds.  It took less than 10 tries to beat him, and now I can beat him every time.  If it wasn’t for the fact this game can be beaten so quickly,  I would put this at #1.  Wario Land however is the more complete game.   This game has me dreaming of a Punch-Out!! on 3DS, Lil’ Mac on the Bottom screen, opponents punching in 3D on the top screen.

#3 – Mario Clash – Mario Clash is pretty much a 3D remake of the original Mario Bros. Arcade game.  The game has the charm and addicting nature of the arcade, once you play and start getting the hang of it you want to see  if you can top your last high-score.  I hate to keep saying this, but this would also make a great remake for Nintendo’s eShop and I really hope they do see the potential in this.  This game doesn’t have much depth (although it does have 40 levels) it’s more like an old school Pac-Man game where you just want to master it and get the highest score possible.  It’s not surprising a Mario game that is simple in design, is one of the best games on the system.

#4 – Mario Tennis – This is the Mario Tennis that started it all (unless you count Tennis for original Game Boy).  Mario Tennis was the pack-in game with the Virtual Boy and does a great job of showing off the 3D technology by displaying the depth in hitting the tennis ball.  The game isn’t very challenging though, once you learn how to trick the AI you can cheat your way to victory every time.  There are singles and doubles mode, and the only single player mode you can play is a Tournament Mode that lasts only 3 Rounds.  I haven’t played Multiplayer since the Virtual Boy came out, but I remember it pretty much what you’d expect from multiplayer tennis.  Mario Tennis was a great pack-in, and to the surprise of nobody, is another Mario game in the Top 5.

#5 – Red Alarm – I’m a big fan of 2D shooters, or shoot’em ups.  Red Alarm is a 2D shooter turned 3D, think of something like R-Type or Gradius turned into a 3D shooter.  I don’t think the quality of Red Alarm matches the previous mentioned shooters, but it is a very fun game on the Virtual Boy.  It is also one of the few Virtual Boy games that gives you the feeling you’re playing a full-game.  Not to contradict that, but it still would benefit from being a little bit longer the 6 Stages can be beat in under an hour.  The controls in Red Alarm are done very well, I’m curious how it holds up against Vertical Force though.

Now, for another quick Top 5 involving the Virtual Boy.     Here are the Top 5 Games I would like to play/own that I don’t already

#1 – Nester’s Funky Bowling – I’ve never played this, but I imagine it is somewhere on the quality level of Virtual Boy’s Mario Tennis, except it’s Bowling.  Also it’s a game with Nester, that’s classic enough for me to want to play.

#2 – Galactic Pinball – While playing Alien Crush over the holidays on Wii’s Virtual Console, I was reminded how much fun video pinball games can be.  I believe I played this when it originally came out, but I really don’t remember.  I’ve heard good things about it and it’s not too expensive, I hope to pick it up soon.

#3 – Golf – It’s a golf game, in a 3D Virtual Boy world, doesn’t seem there is much to question about it.  I figure it’s probably impressive to play in 3D and judge the depth of putting and drives, but of course I could be very wrong.

#4 – Vertical Force – This should be much higher on my “wanted” list, but Red Alarm has filled my shooter void on the Virtual Boy.   With Vertical Force being developed by Hudson, something tells me that this game is better than Red Alarm though.

#5 – Water World – This is only here by default, I have actually no real desire to play this game.  It is just the last game left that I do not have, I believe it’s pretty rare/expensive too.

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